Coupling (glossary term)

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Synonyms: Shipping, CP
See also: Combi, CP Fan
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Coupling (カップリング) 「かっぷりんぐ」is a term used in Japanese-speaking fandom for romantic character pairings. Although the term is very broadly defined in the Japanese language, for doujin and fandom spaces, the term refers to shipping. The term applies to BL, GL, NL, yaoi and yuri couples. CP is synonymous with this term, as is the term shipping. Self-shipping also falls under this umbrella, as does selfcest/clonecest, which is called jijou (二乗), meaning squared.

The platonic version of coupling is known as combi. Although these two labels are used on PixivEncyclopedia, they are not universal in Japanese-speaking fandom spaces. Practices in labeling vary from fandom to fandom.

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