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Synonyms: Platonic
See also: Gen, GL, BL, NL, Coupling
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Combi (コンビ)「こんび」is a term used in Japanese-speaking fandom for platonic and familial character pairings. A combi can refer to a duo, a trio, or even a larger group. Coupling refers to romantic character pairings. Smush combi labels are rare, and most are keywords/phrases.

Although these two labels are used on PixivEncyclopedia, they are not universal in Japanese-speaking fandom spaces. Practices in labeling vary from fandom to fandom.

GL pairings often count as both Combis and Couplings, even if they are romantic. Characters with child-like personalities may also have their relationships in fanworks with other characters labelled as combi even if they can be interpreted as romantic.


Combi may have began usage in Hetalia: Axis Powers fandom. In Hetalia, straightforward pairing names, (such as America & England,) where far too broad of searches for fans. Japanese-speaking fandom spaces created special combination tags to categorize these pairings. In early Hetalia fandom, these platonic pairing tags were added to all works featuring two or more Hetalia characters, romantic or platonic, and romantic pairing labels were only added if necessary. Although this same practice later spread to Kemono Friends fandom, it's not common, generally, in Japanese-speaking fandom spaces. In English-speaking fandom spaces, it appears solutions such as, "Platonic USUK," were used instead.

For media fandoms aimed towards men, mainly Seinen manga, Combi and Coupling names are often used interchangeably.

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