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Pairing: Gary Oak/Dawn
Alternative name(s): CavalierShipping, ShigeHika
Gender category: het
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: uncommon
Gary x Dawn fanart; unknown artist.

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CavalierShipping is the name for the romantic pairing of Gary and Dawn from the Pokémon anime. Despite the fact that the two have only appeared together in two episodes, the ship has gathered a small but loyal fanbase.

The name "CavalierShipping" comes from a pun on the dual definitions of "cavalier": a cavalier is "a gallant gentleman, esp. a lady's escort," but Gary also acts cavalier, meaning "arrogant."

Canon Interaction

Because pairings in the Pokémon anime very rarely become canonical, fans often debate about possible romances occurring off-screen or that may occur in the future. CavalierShippers have collected "evidence" from the various seasons of the anime as well as the official movies to support their pairing. For a complete list of "evidence," see Shipping:CavalierShipping at Bulbapedia.

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