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Pairing: Ash Ketchum/Gary Oak (Satoshi/Shigeru)
Alternative name(s): Ash/Gary, ShigeSato, SatoShige,
ShiShi (ShiShiShipping)
Gender category: m/m slash
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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PalletShipping is a term for the Ash/Gary pairing in the Pokémon fandom. It was named for the characters' shared hometown, Pallet Town.


PalletShipping was one of the original ships in the Pokémon anime fandom, and PalletShippers were often involved in ship wars with PokéShippers, fans who pair Ash with Misty. Misty was a common target for bashing by Palletshippers, spilling over into their fics.

Fanfic tropes

  • Ash dies, causing Gary to realize his feelings for him. Either he realizes too late or Ash comes back to life through some sort of magic, giving them a second chance.
  • Their rivalry stems from unresolved romantic feelings for one another, both boys being too prideful to admit to these feelings.
  • Brock and Misty either suspect or learn of Ash's feelings for Gary. Misty's reactions run the gamut from hateful jealousy to supportive matchmaking, while Brock is mainly a supportive observer.
  • Childhood fics, many of which assume the boys were the best of friends before the beginning of their rivalry.
  • Hurt/Comfort, usually featuring illness or injury.


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Doujinshi art by Hibari A

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