Love Love Mode Pikachu Get You!

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Title: Love Love Mode Pikachu Get You!
Circle: Hikaru Aranaga
Fandom: Pokémon
Type: BL, manga
Size: 54 pages
Language: Japanese
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Love Love Mode Pikachu Get You! is a Pokémon doujinshi by Hikaru Aranaga and contains Shigeru x Satoshi.

One reviewer writes: The third in my collection of soft-bound doujinshi, this book was ordered from 3H... and I gotta say, I love it! The art is very nice (I love how Shigeru is drawn) and is based more on Dengeki (the manga) than the anime (which is cool, cause I LOVE Shigeru's jacket ^^). There's nothing racy in this, although both Shigeru and Pikachuu do try assaulting poor Satoshi (who reacts quite violently), and it's all very cute and funny. There are several short stories in this, one of which stars Rocket Dan... and there's a lot of .. o.O* pics of Kasumi.. LOL!! I don't complain though, cause Shigeru is quite a treat in this, even if he does act like a bit of a horny teenager. ^^* Definitely a cool book to add to my collection![1]

It may be part of the same series as Love Love Mode Pikachu.


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