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Pairing: Drew/May (Shū/Haruka)
Alternative name(s): ContestShipping, ShuHaru
Gender category: het
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Canonical?: possibly
Prevalence: common
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ContestShipping is a name for the romantic pairing of May and Drew from the Pokémon anime. The name comes from the fact that the two compete against each other in Pokémon contests.

Many fans consider ContestShipping to be canon, and it has certainly been more heavily suggested by the source material than most other ships. However, it remains ambiguous whether May and Drew were ever romantically involved, especially as it would have happened off-screen when the two were no longer recurring characters. Some, especially many AdvanceShippers, assert that there is not enough proof of mutual romantic feelings in canon, while ContestShippers disagree. For a complete list of "evidence" from the anime supporting ContestShipping, see Shipping:ContestShipping at Bulbapedia


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