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Pairing: Drew/May (Shū/Haruka)
Alternative name(s): ContestShipping, ShuHaru
Gender category: het
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Canonical?: possibly
Prevalence: common
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ContestShipping is a name for the romantic pairing of May and Drew from the Pokémon anime. The name comes from the fact that the two compete against each other in Pokémon contests.

Many fans consider ContestShipping to be canon, and it has certainly been more heavily suggested by the source material than most other ships. However, it remains ambiguous whether May and Drew were ever romantically involved, especially as it would have happened off-screen when the two were no longer recurring characters. Some, especially many AdvanceShippers, assert that there is not enough proof of mutual romantic feelings in canon, while ContestShippers disagree. For a complete list of "evidence" from the anime supporting ContestShipping, see Shipping:ContestShipping at Bulbapedia


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  • The Ash Connection by I am Lu
  • Cause and Consequence by I am Lu May and Drew have danced around their feelings toward each other for years—but when a backstage kiss escalates into something far more intimate, they're forced to confront the uncertainties of their rivalry and their relationship.
  • Don't Take Forever by gengarfamily Three regions, and three big steps. With old and new rivals, meddling relatives and a whole lot of jokes at Drew's expense, a follow up to the end of Battle Frontier for the coordinators we all know and love.
  • Expeditions by Down-the-Line After splitting up from Ash and the others, May's journey has only just begun. As she travels through the Johto region and beyond, her encounters with Drew become more than just a rivalry. Gradually, May starts to think that getting to know Drew could be her favorite expedition yet.
  • Into The Wild by gengarfamily What comes after becoming Top Coordinator? In the sequel to DTF that has taken literally five years for the author to commit to writing, join our favourite dweeby couple as they navigate the minefield of what you do after everything supposedly works out for the best. 6/? parts posted. Full of poor "witty" dialogue and the bullying of Drew, bc what else would you expect me to write?
  • Of Ribbons and Roses by pachirisu

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