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Name: Drew
Occupation: Coordinator
Fandom: Pokémon
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Drew (シュウ , Shuu) is a recurring character from La Rousse, Hoenn who’s primarily May’s rival in the contests circuit.


According to Soledad, Drew cried after losing his first contest.


Generally, Drew is portrayed as a dweeb helplessly in love with his rival, though around the time when Pokémon Advanced was still airing, older fans often saw him as a suave ladykiller full of charm and assertiveness.

He has one of the Pokémon Anime Fandom's most famous fanon names: Hayden. The name was coined by proseart for her fic Lust In La Rousse (which was taken down and is no longer available). It comes from Robert Haydn, another character Saiga Mitsuki, seiyuu who voices Drew in the Japanese original, has voiced. [1]

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Drew’s last name is in fact not really Hayden and I get kind of sad about it because it just fits so nicely and just flows and it’s the best headcanon tbh. [2]


Drew Hayden is the coolest name there is no questioning it


Drew Hayden and Serena Paschall are the MVPs of names


They should start a club -- "Great Fanon Names." [3]


Drew's circle of friends is canonically limited. Solidad and May are arguably his only friends, and among the fandom, ContestShipping is without a doubt the most prominent relationship.





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