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Strange Bedfellows was a slash apa that ran between 1993 and 1997. See more on this apa zine series at Strange Bedfellows.

Strange Bedfellows 7 was published in November 1994 and contains about 89 pages.

Each section of the apa was written by a different fan/fans and had its own title.


Some Topics Discussed in "Strange Tongues"

Excerpts from "Strange Tongues"

Some Topics Discussed in "DZ -- Cat's Deviation #(7+?)"

Excerpts from "DZ -- Cat's Deviation #(7+?)"

Some Topics Discussed in "Ghost Speaker"

Excerpts from "Ghost Speaker"

Some Topics Discussed in "Weirdness on a Swan's Song"

Excerpts from "Weirdness on a Swan's Song"

Some Topics Discussed in "Yamibutoh"

Excerpts from "Yamibutoh"

Some Topics Discussed in "Goodbye and Good Luck"

Excerpts from "Goodbye and Good Luck"

Some Topics Discussed in "Slash is Everywhere"

Excerpts from "Slash is Everywhere"

Some Topics Discussed in "Desert Blooms"

Excerpts from "Desert Blooms"

Some Topics Discussed in "Notes of a Neophyte"

Excerpts from "Notes of a Neophyte"

Some Topics Discussed in "With Friends Like These..."

Excerpts from "With Friends Like These..."

Some Topics Discussed in "Hello to SBF"

Excerpts from "Hello to SBF"

Some Topics Discussed in "Lavender Lilies"

Excerpts from "Lavender Lilies"

I've found that if I'm reading more slash and enjoying it less, the solution for me (other than leaving the fandom) is to begin writing what I want to read. I wrote SHADOWS OVER THE LAND because I got tired of reading "we're not gay, we're heterosexual men who love each other." I have no problem with others who like this scenario. But it wasn't what wanted. I wanted my characters to be Queer. I wasn't getting enough of it. After grumbling a bit, I wrote my own slash, the sort I wanted to read. While writing it, I also found other Queer slash (where be characters are clearly gay or bisexual) and I read it vociferously. But I also was looking for other

things in slash that I wasn't quite finding about the particular nature o fa relationship I wanted to study. I wanted a certain sort of plotting of the sort I wasn't finding enough of. Many writers are not quite satisfied with what they are reading, which figures as a strong motivation to write. The same sort of process happened with F/F stories. I wasn't seeing nearly enough of them, especially the sort wbere the women become heroic, then break through the barrier to erotic intimacy and accept their own beauty as women. So I began writing these sorts of stories. So, in my humble (?) opinion, if the slash you are readipg is not to your liking, then start writing your own. [1]
Re fans' reactions to NEVER LET ME DOWN: I remember when I first published SHADOWS OVER THE LAND. I wondered about fannish reactions to it. I was happy to get the LOCS where people told me how much they enjoyed it. But I did hear about some feedback which said that it was "too "political." I didn't worry about less than positive comments, I realized that it was a matter of tastes. I also got a few comments stating that SHADOWS was too sentimental. I l-o-o-ve sentimental slush, but I know that other people don't always like it; or perhaps believe that it didn't fit in SHADOWS. I had enough positive feedback on SHADOWS to see that it was successful for at least part of the fannish community. [2]

Some Topics Discussed in "When Correctly Viewed"

Excerpts from "When Correctly Viewed"

Some Topics Discussed in "For the World is Hollow and I Fell Off the Edge"

Excerpts from "For the World is Hollow and I Fell Off the Edge"

Some Topics Discussed in "To Be Announced"

Excerpts from "To Be Announced"

Some Topics Discussed in "Unknown Unsecrets Unspoken"

Excerpts from "Unknown Unsecrets Unspoken"