The Champions (1968)

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Name: The Champions
Creator: ITC Entertainment
Date(s): 1968-9
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: UK
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The Champions is a British television series about a team of three agents (Craig Stirling, Richard Barrett, and Sharron Macready) working for the fictional international anti-espionage organization, Nemesis.

In the pilot episode, the three are escaping from a mission in China when their plane crashes in the Himalayas. They are rescued by members of an advanced civilization, who grant them supernatural abilities. These include enhanced senses, physical strength and endurance far beyond the norm, and a telepathic ability to communicate with one another. These powers, kept secret from their handler, Tremayne, enable them to complete their subsequent missions.

Thirty episodes of The Champions were originally broadcast in the United Kingdom on ITV in 1968–1969, and over the same period on NBC in the USA.


The Champions is a small fandom. Some stories appear in zines; and it is occasionally requested for Yuletide.