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Slash cons are a type of fan-run convention (fan cons). The first unabashedly slash con was IDICon in Houston, in 1984, run by Pam Rose, Linn O'Brien, Barb Lewis and others. The current longest running slash con is Escapade (thirty years as of 2020) held every year near Santa Barbara, California by Megan Kent and Charlotte C Hill.

Slash cons tend to be adult only; tend not to have guests (and if they do, they're other fans); tend to have adult art in the art show (if they have an art show -- many of them are closer to large house parties than classic conventions). They almost always have vid shows. Some slash cons are slash-only, with no het vids, art, or panels allowed, while others focus on slash but include het as well. Slash-friendly cons are those that welcome slash without defining themselves specifically as slash cons.

There is no one place in media fandom to find out about all slash conventions, but many are announced on the LJ Community Slash Con

Currently Active Slash Cons

See also List of Conventions Past and Present.

These are cons that are still running as of 2020. Cons are held every year unless otherwise noted.

  • BistoCon, 2014-present (August, even-numbered years). The Professionals relaxacon.
  • ConStrict, 2001-present (July). Multimedia con, now in Las Vegas, NV, USA.
  • DC-Slash, 2019-present (July). Slash con emerging out of Connexions. Based in Washington, DC, USA, but is currently being held virtually.
  • Escapade, 1991-present. Multimedia con held in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • FujoCon. 2020-present. BL virtual convention.
  • Get Together, 2005-present (October). Slash and multi media fan gathering in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • KisCon, 1999-2012 (irregular), 2013-present (odd-numbered years). Kirk/Spock con that has been held in Texas, USA and Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • SHarecon, 2000-present (even-numbered years). Starsky and Hutch con held in Maryland, USA.
  • SinpOzium, 2000-2002, 2005, 2011-2015, 2017-present (June). Multimedia con held in Sydney, Australia.

Past Slash Cons

These are slash cons that are defunct, on hiatus, or always planned as a one-time event. Cons were held every year unless otherwise noted.

Slash-friendly cons

Cons are held every year unless otherwise noted.


  • CONfabulation, 2017-present. Successor to WinCon. Chicago, IL, USA.
  • CON.TXT, 2006-present (June, even-numbered years). Slash con until 2016. Multimedia con held in Washington, DC, USA suburb.
  • FanWorks, 2019-present. Multimedia fanworks convention. USA.
  • Pacificon aka Bitchin' Party, 2008-present (March, even-numbered years). A small slash-friendly multifandom fanfic and vid con held near Seattle, WA.
  • REVELcon, 1990-present (March). Multimedia con held in Houston, TX, USA.
  • VidUKon, 2008-present. Vidding convention held in the UK.


  • Eclecticon 1996-2006 (November). Multimedia con with a focus on zines, held in Newark, NJ, USA.
  • Eastern Media Con, 2007-2009 (October). Multimedia con created to fill the gap left by Eclecticon, held in Newark, NJ, USA. On hiatus as of 2009.
  • MediaWest*Con, 1981-2019 (May). An enormous slash-friendly zine con held in Lansing, MI, USA.
  • Redemption 1999-2017 (February). Multimedia con held in Coventry, UK.
  • Southern Media Con, formerly Vidcon, 1991-2017 (July). Multimedia con held in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.
  • VividCon, 2002-2018 (August). Multimedia vidding convention held in Chicago, IL, USA.
  • WinCon, 2006-2015 (October). A Supernatural con that was slash-only for its first year. As of 2010, it became a multi-fandom con. It moved to a different city each year. Succeeded by CONfabulation.