Linn O'Brien

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Alias(es): Linn O'Brien, Cynthia L. Lockwood
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
Communities: Houston crowd
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Linn O'Brien, also known as Cynthia L. Lockwood, was a Star Trek: TOS fan active in the 1980s.

O'Brien was one of the Houston crowd. She helped run IDICon, the first slash con, and was an editor for the K/S zine Out of Bounds.

Her best-known fanwork is the novel To Invite the Night, published in 1984. She also published work in anthology zines, such as "And a Time To Every Purpose" in Deck Five Digest, Issue #1 (1981), and "Who Marks the Sparrow's Fall", in Obsession, Issue #2 (1982).

As stated in an ad for To Invite the Night, "Linn O'Brien" is a pseudonym:

"Linn O'Brien, while a pseudonym, is not Pamela Rose, Lezlie Shell, or anyone else you passionate K/S fans know and love. People who must know the wretched name O'Brien was born with can SASE her for her reluctant answer."[1]


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