Southern Gathering

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Name: Southern Gathering
Dates: 2001
Frequency: one time
Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA
Type: fan-run
Focus: slash, multimedia
Founder: Kerguelen
Founding Date:
URL: WayBack Archive link to convention website
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Southern Gathering was a one-time slash multimedia convention held in Arlington, VA in 2001. Membership was capped at 100. From the organizers:

"Since several of the late summer / early fall conventions in the D.C. metro area will not be happening this year, the Virginian crew (Kerguelen, Twin2BJ, & Nat who is an honorary Virginian) decided to step in and fill the gap. The Southern Gathering is a multimedia slash convention. All fandoms will be recognized, even those that make the con com squick. We are trying to ensure that there is a variety to be seen and a good time to be had by all."