Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai

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Name: Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai
Dates: 2007-2013
Frequency: Bi-yearly
Location: Sweden, near Stockholm
Type: Yaoi and BL manga
Organization: Geikai, Raison d'être
Founding Date: 3 November 2007
URL: (Archive from 2016)
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Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai (B.L.Y.G.) is a Swedish fan convention limited to ages 15 and up. It is focused on anime and manga and has a yaoi theme. It has anime viewings, manga drawing, various panels and cosplay contest.

The name is a pun, as "blyg" means shy in Swedish.

The first B.L.Y.G. was held in 2007 in Täby municipality and the second in 2009 in Huddinge municipality. The third B.L.Y.G. was held in 2011 in a different venue in Huddinge municipality. A fourth B.L.Y.G. was held 2-3 November of 2013.

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