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Name: DC-Slash
Date(s): 2019-
Type: slash media fans
URL: DC-Slash; Dreamwidth; Discord; Twitter
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DC-Slash is a community of fans based in the Washington D.C. area.

We are a group of like-minded slash fans who want to have the opportunity to talk about our favorite obsessions together whether it be at conventions or online. We started in the DC Metro area hence DC-Slash. The original members were people who used to attend ConneXions.

Relationship with ConneXions

At the 2019 ConneXions convention, the organizers announced that there was not enough interest to financially sustain a physical convention, stating "At this time, we don't have plans for a 2021 Con, but we hope to grow in size and be large enough for this to be possible again in the future."[1].

Instead the convention shifted to being a primarily online/virtual presence. As part of this move, ConneXions renamed itself DC Slash, creating new social media accounts.

From 2019 DC Slash has remained active online, in particular in its Discord and Facebook groups. Notable Activities include Fandom of the Weeks and maintaining a fan event or convention calendar. During the pandemic the Fandom of the Weeks were placed on hold in favor of holding weekly binges, with DC Slash's current schedule being a weekly Monday night vidder conversation, Thursday night Tatort binge, and more general Saturday afternoon fandom binge. There is also a "House Party" held on the afternoon of the first Saturday of the month.

In 2021, DC Slash held its first virtual convention. The convention occurred over Discord and Zoom, with all panels occurring over Zoom in real time with some transcription and Discord threaded channels then opening afterwards. 84 fans attended.


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