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Name: Comics Big Bang
Date(s): 2010
Moderator(s): poisonivory, second_batgirl
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Comics Fandom, Marvel Comics, DC Comics
URL: comicsbigbang
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The Comics Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Comics Fandom. Authors had to write a minimum of 10,000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of one piece of a medium of heir choosing.


Title: Some Assembly Required
Author: valtyr
Betas: dieewigenacht, truthiness_aura and cursor_mundi
Fandom: Marvel Adventures
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 58k
Contents/Warnings/Spoilers: Very general spoilers for MA:IM Armour Wars. Issues of consent involving not being fully informed about the person you're sleeping with, sex swap. A joke lifted from XKCD, which is footnoted at the end.
Summary: Tony Stark is trying to set up a new superhero team when he's given a sex change, courtesy of Victor von Doom. He copes with that about as well as you'd expect.

Title: O'er the Dark-Green Sea
Author: poisonivory
Artist: ajremix
Fandom: DC Comics (Green Lantern and Green Arrow, mostly)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawke, Oliver Queen, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, Hal Jordan, and pretty much all the other (Earth) Lanterns and Arrows. Kyle/Connor, Kyle/Jen.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Violence, mid-19th-century attitudes (ETA: white, Anglo-American mid-19th-century attitudes) towards race.
Summary: On his first mission as a captain in Her Majesty's Royal Navy, Kyle Rayner finds himself aboard the pirate ship Green Arrow, prisoner of the dreaded Captain Queen. As Captain Gardner, Commodore Jordan, and Kyle's fiancee Jenny launch rescue missions, Kyle finds himself struggling with a growing attraction to Queen's son Connor. But is the Green Arrow really what it seems? What does Sinestro the pirate king want with Kyle? And does Kyle really hold the secret to the green light that can give its bearer the power to rule - or destroy - the world?

Title: Slow Down
Author: flamebyrd
Artist: teshumai
Fandom: DCU A/U (Young Justice focused)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Bart Allen / Tim Drake (sort of), plus appearances from the rest of Young Justice
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Assault (mugging)
Summary: The amazing adventures of Bart Allen at college.

Title: History Repeating
Author: wabbitseason
Artist: mutie
Fandom: Marvel-616 AU
Character(s): James Buchanan Barnes; Natasha Romanoff; Steve Rogers; Nick Fury; Ivan Petrovich; Yelena Belova; Clint Barton; Bobbi Morse
Pairing(s): Bucky/Natasha; Steve/Sharon; Clint/Bobbi
Words: 10,642 words
Rating: PG
Warning(s): None
Summary: Competitive figure skaters Natasha Romanoff and James Buchanan Barnes were in love once. Over and over, their worlds intersected, but now they're offered a chance a future together. Are they stronger as a team?

Title: That Which We Call A Rosev Author: arysteia
Artist: ryuutchi
Verse: DCU, but feel free to mix and match your favourites
Pairing(s): Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne/Superman, Superman/Batman, Batman/Clark Kent *g*
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Apparently Big Bang fics can involve long, complicated plots? This fic... Is not that fic. Explicit sex, no spoilers.
Summary: The course of true love never did run smooth. When Clark Kent met Bruce Wayne. And Bruce Wayne met Superman. And Superman met Batman. And Batman met Clark Kent. And Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne finally got their acts together...

Title: Road to Damascus
Author: irrelevant
Artist: melancholise
Rating: Adult
Word count: 37,000+
Fandom/Genre/Characters: DCU | Batfamily AU | Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne
Summary: In a universe where Bruce Wayne is willing to kill, the Graysons never fall. His family alive, Dick Grayson stays with the circus. He's happy. Tim Drake grows up in Gotham while his parents travel the globe. He has tutors and a lot of money and a camera. He's not happy, but he's almost okay with that because he has Dick. Even if Dick doesn't know it.

Title: Finding the Way Home
Author: dixid
Artist: perletwo
Fandom: DCU/Marvel
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jason, Lian and others
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s):* Mentions canon character deaths
Word Count: 11,149
Summary: Home might be where you hang your cape, or possibly home is whose cape is hanging beside yours. Jason Todd had made a life for himself in a strange multiverse, now he’s suddenly responsible for a similarly displaced Lian Harper.

Title: Adventures in Solitude
Author Kate/Riseupwithfists
Artist: vange
Fandom: DC Comics
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jaime Reyes, Tim Drake, Bart Allen, various Titans, various Batpeople and various Reyes.
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Warnings: Underage sex, underage drinking, harsh language, NSFW macro images.
Summary: Due to the glorious return of Superboy and Kid Flash, the Teen Titans play musical chairs with the team roster (again) and Jaime's frankly pretty surprised that he's still included. What's even more surprising is that the team has suddenly become part robot-fighting flash mob, part social club, and part PTSD support group. To further complicate matters, an aimless and very unemployed Tim Drake shows up at the Tower. And doesn't leave. It's all very confusing, but Jaime finds that he's down with it. For the most part, anyway. Meanwhile, being a Titan means never having to say you're sorry, a very special social networking website is formed, and the Committee to Oust Damian Wayne wants YOU.

Title: Jones and Jones
Author: second_batgirl
Artist: xenokattz
Fandom: DC/Marvel crossover
Character/Pairing: Cissie King-Jones, Jessica Jones (Tim/Cissie, Jessica/Luke)
Rating: R
Warning: Language
Summary: WHAT IF? Jessica Jones was Cissie King-Jones's aunt?

Title: Ripple Effect
Author: Lara
Artist: coldfiredragon
Fandom: DC Comics/Bat Books/Titans
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Slade/Dick
Word Count: 10,570
Rating: NC17
Warning(s): lots of male/male sex, gratuitous use of deux ex machina
Summary: He thought it was a dream but instead, someone gave him a wish, a wish that changed everything. Everything had gone wrong after Slade Wilson killed his son and, in doing so, was possessed by him. What if he hadn't looked Joey in the eye? How would the world, how would he change? For one thing, he woke up the day after falling asleep to find a pretty gypsy boy in his bed.

Title: And the Band, They Played the Homecoming Theme
Author: harmonyangel
Artist: likeadeuce
Word Count: ~15,400
Fandom: X-Men comics (AU of Astonishing)
Pairing: Scott/Jean/Logan (Scott/Logan, Scott/Jean, Jean/Logan, threesome)
Raiting: NC-17
Warnings: Brief descriptions of physical torture, inflicted by a villain.
Summary: Just as Scott and Logan are settling into life as a couple, Jean returns from the dead and Logan is kidnapped by Mr. Sinister. Now it's up to Scott and Jean to work through their laundry list of issues, beat the bad guy, and rescue the man they both love.

Title: How We Grow Together
Author: faile_neume
Artist: batstalker
Beta: iesika
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Tim Drake (Robin III), Zachary Zatara, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Zatanna Zatara, others
Pairing(s<): Tim/Drake
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Minor/OC character death. Angst. Self-destructive behaviour. Sex scenes.
Word Count: 16, 400
Summary: Tim Drake isn't fond of self-centred, narcissistic, show-offs, but there's more to Zachary Zatara than meets the eye. It isn't until tragedy strikes that Tim realizes

Title: No Guiding Light
Author: suki_blue
Artist: ani_bester
Fandom: DC Comics
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dick/Tim, Damian, Jason, Bruce, Deathstroke, Ragdoll
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): None
Summary:When Bruce Wayne returns from the dead and reclaims the Batman mantle, Dick is relieved to slip back into the Nightwing costume, and Gotham becomes a family concern. But things do not go smoothly. Dick finds it strangely lonely not having a partner swinging by his side, Damian clashes with his father over the reintroduction of Jason to the household and Tim, still wearing the Red Robin costume, cannot shrug away the dark shadow of the last three years. It’s up to Dick to get their collective heads together so they can function like the family they long to be, and that’s not easy when he’s fallen in love with one of his brothers and another is intent on revenge.

Title: Secrets Away
Author: modestroad
Fandom: DCU
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Dinah Lance, Jim Gordon
Rating: R/Mature
Warning(s): Miron drug use. Language. Angst. Adult theme.
Summary: Is a secret strong enough to break them apart or bond them forever? Dick is going to find out that sometimes you have to break something just to fix it.

Title: The Faculty of Conscious and Especially of Deliberate Action
Author: isilfic
Artist: merelymine
Fandom: DC Comics (Justice Society of America)
Characters: Alan Scott (Green Lantern I) and ensemble
Pairing: Alan Scott (Green Lantern I)/Molly Mayne-Scott (Harlequin I), Alan Scott/Alyx Florin (Rose Canton/The Thorn I), Alan Scott/OFC, implied Alan Scott/Jay Garrick (The Flash I)/Joan Williams
Rating: R/Mature
Warning(s): (highlight to read) canon character deaths (and resurrections) including a referenced suicide, implied polyamory that may be considered adulterous/Spoilers: general for current JLA/JSA crossover
Summary: The Life and Loves of the Golden Age Green Lantern. For almost 100 years Alan Scott has tried to choose the responsible and right action. He's sometimes succeeded and often failed and now he's forced to face both the joys and demons of his past.

Title: Gravity: The Fundamental Things Apply
Word Count: 21,500
Author: jazzypom
Artist: doctorv
Fandom: Young Avengers, Marvel 616
Beta: ryuutchi
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kate Bishop/Eli Bradley, Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd, Cassie Lang, Billy Kaplan, Thomas Shepherd, Teddy Altman
Rating: R for language, mostly. See the warnings for the rest.
Warning(s): highlight to see, please. Language (ablelist, in the forum posts for two lines), hints of torture in the last quarter of the story. Some gore. Summary: Eli left Young Avengers to become a librarian, and moved to somewhere not NYC. It's five years down the road, and he's peacefully living his life until Kate shows up on his doorstep, dragging him back into the world he renounced all those years ago. Eli doesn't necessarily want to go back, but there's the small matter of the mystery behind his grandfather's death to sort out.

Title: Without Irony
Author: tsukinofaerii
Artist: revengedog
Betas: cursor_mundi & dieewigenacht
Fandom: Marvel; Iron Man 616. End of Dark Reign
Character: Tony Stark
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Amnesia, Slash, painting the fourth wall, spoilers.
Summary: Open file TS_762-b.ims... Sometimes, when a drive is completely broken, the only thing to do is wipe it clean and start over. When he wakes up, Tony has no idea who he is, or what he did to end up where he is. Depending on who he talks to, he was a villain or a hero, a genius or a degenerate. What he is now is still up for debate, but it doesn't look like he's going to have much time to figure it out. With a computer in his head screwing up and a country falling to pieces, options are getting limited. Steve The world needs Iron Man a lot more than it needs Tony Stark.

Art for Simulation Hypothesis by spiralred

Title: Simulation Hypothesis
Authors: northern_star, skund
Artist: spiralred
Fandom: DCU (Title: Superman/Batman)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Batman/Superman, Oracle, Alfred, some nameless OCs
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: short torture scene
Summary: Clark discovers that the simulations which Batman has been using to train with all center around Superman in a slightly creepy way...

Title: The Lost Alchemist
Author: fleur_de_liz
ARtist: pollums
Fandom: DC Comics, Justice League International
Character(s)/Pairings: Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, many cameos
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of minor character deaths, including death of a child.
Word Count: 34,000 words exactly!
Summary: In an alternate Earth governed by gods and ruled over by the all-seeing Oracle, where magic is the order of the day, there is a town called Marquette. This town has a terrible secret, one that seems to revolve around the enigmatic, enormous blue beetle creature named Ted. Traveling fortuneteller Booster Gold and his clockwork bird Skeets are determined to discover the truth about Ted, the Kord family, and the lost alchemist. But is the lost alchemist real, or is it as much of a fairytale as the story of the star who fell in love and fell to Earth? Will Booster be able to handle the cost when the gods demand payment? And what will Ted do when he is faced with an impossible choice and the wrath of the Black King?

Title: Limbo's Embrace
Author: merfilly
Artist: doctorv
Fandom: DC Comics
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ensemble
Rating: PG / Gen
Warning(s): No major/common triggers
Summary: The League, newly containing Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, are taken away by Loki to serve as a test for his forces

Title: Twelfth Night
Author: nekojita
Artist: reveillez
Fandom: Young Avengers/Marvel 616
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Teddy/Billy
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Hmm, teenagers in adult situations
Summary: After a surprising discovery on the internet, Billy decides to switch things about in his relationship with Teddy. However, fate doesn't seem willing to oblige him. Notes: The timeline is purposely a bit vague - it can be set after the Civil War.

Title: The Ribbons and the Rot
Author: soda_and_capes
Artist: mrsfrankenstien
Fandom: DC Comicsverse
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Steph and Jason. Bruce/Jason, Dick/Jason/Tim, mentions of Steph/Cass and Steph/Tim.
Rating: NC-17.
Warning(s): Very brief, theoretical mention of non-con.
Summary: "Robin," she says again, meeting his eyes even behind his mask. "As in Batman and. Better half and all that."


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