Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers

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Pairing: Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers
Alternative name(s): Staron, Cap 13, Captain 13, Agent America
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Avengers
Captain America Movieverse, The Avengers Movieverse (MCU)
Canonical?: Canon
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Sharon/Steve is a het pairing in the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Within the MCU, Sharon is the great niece of Peggy Carter and works first as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and then as a CIA agent. She and Steve meet in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and share a kiss in Captain America: Civil War.


The Sharon/Steve kiss in Captain America: Civil War proved to be polarizing to the Captain America fandom. Some reasons fans have cited for disliking the kiss or the pairing have been that Sharon's role in the Captain America movies has only been as a "tool" to Steve's story, because the kiss was included only to "deflect the gayness of Steve and Bucky", and that it was just weird that Sharon is related to Steve's former love interest.

Sharon/Steve shippers have rebuffed these arguments many times and argue that much of the hate for the ship and for Sharon's character is misogynistic in nature and may have come from unhappy Steve/Bucky shippers.


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