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This is primarily a list of kink meme communities that are documented on Fanlore. See also: Category:Meme Communities.

See Kink_Meme#Resources for off-Fanlore lists, and Kink Finders for the (sexual and narrative) kink Fic Finding comm.

Kink Memes By Fandom

Fandom Kink Meme
Multifandom Corsets and Lemons
Multifandom Femslash Kinkmeme
Multifandom Kink Bingo
Multifandom Kinkspiration
Multifandom Yuletide Coal
The 100 The 100 Kink Meme
The 100 (Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane pairing) Kabby Kink Meme
Assassin's Creed asscreedkinkmeme
A-Team A-Team Prompts
The Avengers (Marvel) avengerkink
Batman v Superman bvs-kinkmeme (Livejournal)
Blake's 7 Sexually Liberated The Blakes 7 Kink Meme
Bridgerton Bridgerton kinkmeme
Captain America Capkink
Cobra Kai cobrakaikink (dreamwidth)
DC Extended Universe dceu-kinkmeme (dreamwidth)
Death Note dn_kink, Archived version (livejournal)
Dishonored dishonored kink meme (dreamwidth)
Disney The Disney Kink Meme (dreamwidth)
Dragon Age Dragon Age Kink Meme
The Eagle the_eagle_kink
Forever (TV series) Forever Kink Meme (dreamwidth)
Fullmetal Alchemist blacknymph @LJ, Fullmetal Alchemist Kink Meme @AO3
Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire Kinkmeme
Genshin Impact genshin_kinks (dreamwidth)
Glee Glee Kink Meme
Green Lantern GL-kinkmeme
Harry Potter HP Kinkfest
The Hobbit The Hobbit Kink Meme
Inception inception_kink (livejournal)
inFAMOUS inFAMOUS Prompts (tumblr)
Les Misérables Making Hugo Spin
Leverage leveragekink (livejournal)
Mad Max Mad Max Kink Meme
Merlin kinkelot
Merlin kinkme_merlin
Merlin The Sex Magick Challenge
Naruto (Kakairu pairing) Kakairu Kink Meme
Once Upon A Time OUAT Kink Meme
Once Upon A Time Once Upon a Time Femslash Kink
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney The Phoenix Wright Kink Meme
Prototype Prototype Kink Meme
Revolution NBC Revolution Kink Meme
Sherlock (TV Series) Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme (livejournal)
Sherlock Holmes (2009) Sherlock GQMF Holmes Kink Meme
The Social Network The Social Network Kink Meme
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series St xi kink
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series St xi kink meme
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series Star Trek: Into Darkness Kink Meme
Star Wars swkink (dreamwidth)
Star Wars: The Old Republic SWTOR Kink Meme
Starsky and Hutch S-n-H Slashfest (livejournal)
Suits Suits Meme
Supernatural Supernatural Anonymous Kink Meme
Supernatural Supernatural Kink Community
Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Kink
Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Kink Meme
Thor Thor Kinkmeme
The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Kinkmeme
Watchmen Watchmen Kinkmeme
The Witcher thewitcherkinkmeme (dreamwidth)
Wizards of Waverly Place (Alex/Justin pairing) Omgjustinalex
X-Men: First Class 1stclass kink
X-Men: First Class Xmen firstkink
Yuri!!! on Ice yoikinkmeme
Yuri!!! on Ice yurionicekink

Other Resources