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Journal Community
Name: X-Men: First Class Kink Meme
Date(s): founded 31 May 2011
Moderator: oakenshields13
Founder: oakenshields13
Type: Kink Meme
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
URL: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/
"on delicious". Archived from the original on 2013-08-20.
X-Men-First Class Kink Meme.jpg

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1stclass_kink was a kink meme on LiveJournal for the 20th Century Fox/Marvel film X-Men: First Class.

There were 10 rounds of prompts from July to September 2011. The kink meme ended after oakenshields13 banned their co-mod, soldierly (formerly stardustcities).[1] The other X-Men: First Class kinkmeme, xmen firstkink, remains open.


Ban on Underage Prompts

Issues began when oakenshields13 set a ban on NSFW underage prompts.

I did not realise this meme would get so big so quickly. I apologise for not foreseeing this happening and being slow off the mark. I genuinely thought everyone would be over on xmen_kink after the movie opened and that there would be just me and a handful of people here. I did not expect or hope that this would be a successful community, it has been because of everyone else.

That said, everyone else did not make the rules for this kink meme - I did. They worked for other fandoms, I believed they would work for this one, too. I still believe that. But there is one rule that a lot of people participating in this kink meme do not like, and that is the restriction on posting prompts and fills with underage characters in sexual situations.

If you are uncomfortable with this rule and feel you that you can't observe it, why did you choose to participate in this kink meme? By choosing to take part in it, you chose to observe its rules. These rules are not going to be changed because you do not like them. These rules are not going to be changed because you believe you have superior reasoning and judgement to the person who made them. These rules are not going to be changed because of how highly thought of you are in a different fandom.

The restriction on prompts featuring underaged characters in sexual situations stays.[2]

Many participants took issue with the rule itself, while others criticized the attitude and tone of the post.

While the underage issue has definitely been the major point of contention, the attitude you show is also frustrating. You've also brushed off other suggestions regarding trigger warnings (which in particular demonstrates a real lack of sensitivity to something that is not only an integral part of fandom but also works well on other kink memes, despite your protestations that the methods suggested will not work), demonstrated a lack of understanding of not only laws and concepts relating to fandom but also of LJ's ToS, appeared to change your reasoning several times, and generally only listened to those that praise you or suggest easy things.

You say "I did not expect or hope that this would be a successful community, it has been because of everyone else" as if this relieves you of responsibility for the fact that the predominant kink meme of a rapidly growing and likely to become quite large fandom has ended up in your lap. It doesn't. If you don't feel that you can properly manage it in an informed and mature fashion, I strongly suggest you hand the reins over to someone else now. Telling people they are welcome to the other kink meme/encouraging them to go there is just asking for a schism that a baby fandom like this doesn't need.

"That said, everyone else did not make the rules for this kink meme - I did" and then why did you choose to participate in this kink meme?

Because it is the largest and has been most widely advertised, and most people have a general expectation of what a kink meme will be. Also fandom is not an autocracy. It's a really bad idea to think that just because you created the community that is getting the most attention that you get to make all the calls and veto what the community wants/how it feels. This attitude is just another example of why people are frustrated with your management, completely aside from the whole underage issue.

"These rules are not going to be changed because of how highly thought of you are in a different fandom."

This is an obvious barb for people like Frantic Allonsy. Their post is informative, accurate, and lays out the laws and ToS in an easy to read format that clearly explains the situation. Choosing to brush off these kinds of contributions from people who are experienced with and knowledgeable about fandom is, again, an extremely poor choice for someone who wants to remain in a position of power in a new, growing fandom.

All that said, for all of those reading this that agree (not even necessarily about the underage issue, but about how a kink meme should work and what kinds of attitudes the people running one should have towards the fandom they are contributing to), please do support xmen_firstkink. With support it could become a much more inviting hub for this fledgling fandom, but if everyone remains here because it is currently the largest, that won’t happen.[3]

I must say that this post comes off rather obnoxious.

You've been advised several times by fans who are knowledgeable about Livejournal's ToS and laws regarding the issue that the meme will most likely not be shut down if underage is allowed. You seem to think this advice comes from a place of arrogance (which is rich considering the tone of this post)rather than a genuine interest to make this meme as welcoming and inclusive as possible. You continue to dig your feet into the sand for reasons that are unclear and illogical.

At this point it doesn't seem like you're keeping this rule out of any interest to protect the community, and this "my way or the highway" attitude in this post completely contradicts your lip service about this meme being a success because of "everyone else."

To be clear, I appreciate this community and most especially the fans and authors who have contributed their ideas, time and talents to this meme. I appreciate that you started the community. I do not appreciate power-tripping mods, and it seems that this is what you've become.[4]

The restriction on prompts featuring underaged characters in sexual situations stays

This is really all you should have said. Everything else you added just comes off as obnoxious and ignorant.[5]

There were a few defenders on the ban - without addressing the tone of the post - but seemed to be the minority opinion.

In spite of this, the meme continued with the relatively same amount of activity as before. soldierly later acknowledged in public comments to have written a now flocked LJ entry where oakenshields13 had apparently made this rule in order to troll some people off the kink meme.[6]

Round 9

At the end of round 9, when oakenshields13 announced its closure, soldierly (formerly stardustcities, and the co-mod at the time) left a public comment in reply that oakenshields13 had not been contacting them for weeks.

They had a very public fallout, which boiled down to that oakenshields13 claimed technical errors for both email and instant messaging; and soldierly claimed that they had attempted to contact oakenshields13 on multiple platforms and received no responses at all. soldierly accused oakenshields13 of disliking them and purposefully ignoring them; oakenshields13 continued to claim that the problem was technical and soldierly was the one making the issue personal. The conversation had been public because soldierly wanted to hold oakenshields13 accountable, and figured they would be more likely to receive a response in this manner.[7]

Nevertheless, this led to oakenshields13 threatening to ban soldierly from the kinkmeme and as a mod, and then following up with the threat.[8]

Afterward, oakenshields13 made a post announcing soldierly's departure/ban, and a query if Round 10 should occur.[9] This was received negatively, and many, once again, sided with soldierly and criticized oakenshields13's behavior and modding etiquette.

I have to second any motions to cut our loses on this comm and move to the other. I only hope that everything can be backed up and that the anons participating have notice of the move so they can continue their stories somehow.

This is just not a good mod, the issues with her have been such that it's impossible to even speak to her (I can't be the only one who's noticed that she only responds to positive feedback). soldierly was clearly a superior mod but only in the sense that she was active in the community and doesn't seem like a douche. It didn't seem like she had any real power and just tried to do what she could. I still didn't see things happening that SHOULD happen in a kink meme like archiving and allowing the participants to decide what is or is not on the meme. Not to mention being able to access a mod to delete things and make sure the comm isn't becoming too disorderly in its overall organization.

oakenshields13 seems to have a seriously problem with her ego such that maintaining a community intended as a public service doesn't seem possible for her. I wonder if she even enjoys it beyond the amount of traffic she probably wrongfully attributes to herself.

The other comm seems a much more ideal place just ripe for expansion if only it had the traffic this absurdity has. I think it's time we all just moved there and finally have a worthy kink meme for this comm. We need a good meme with a well kept archive and plenty of freedom and organization![10]

Okay, so seriously, I can't believe there are people who are blaming SDC for this because they would prefer to stick their heads in the sand rather than recognize that this community has a problem, and that problem is named oakenshields13.

Maybe it's easy for you to say "Hey, don't bother me with your problems," but the fact of the matter is: Until SDC came along, if you wanted any sort of question clarified, any help when you make a mistake with your post, or if you wanted to have any sort of discussion on the way the community is run - you'd get either ignored or insulted.

Just look at what OS is doing now. Instead of thinking about the users or all the people who have posted prompts & fills that may be lost, OS is throwing a hissyfit because she got called out on her shitty modding. She banned SDC from the comm, and now is making a dramatic post about taking her toys and going home because her little troll feelings are hurt.

Is this the kind of person you honestly want to see continuing to mod a community of this size? As long as she hasn't done anything personally to you, then it's absolutely fine? She can be as horrible a person as she wants as long as you don't have to hear about it? Sooner or later, you'll wish you had an actual decent mod, or maybe she'll go off at somebody else and delete the community without notice.

What makes this community awesome are all the prompters, writers and artists, not some asshole who got lucky and created the first and most active kinkmeme in the fandom. This community can be preserved elsewhere, with mods that you can trust has the community's interests at heart. That is the much safer route, unless you're in the mood to dance and suck up to OS anytime something upsets her delicate sensibilities and she throws another tantrum about shutting the meme down.

I vote that Round Ten is the last active round and this community shuts down, so we can all move on elsewhere.[11]

This whole thing is very upsetting to me. I recently came over from the Young Justice meme, which I abandoned because I felt that the mod lacked the ability to do a good job. There was wank and character bashing galore, and I was getting sick just going on it. I've seen similar things happen on other memes; aggressive anons bash each other or respond inappropriately to small mistakes made by (what I assume) are new meme users. I was so happy to see how friendly everyone here was, and I was shocked to only see one or two prompts cause drama and mod intervention-- my other meme required mod interference daily. So all of you can imagine how unhappy I am to find out that this meme, which is very well-behaved and filled with very friendly, reasonable anons and LJ users, is going to be (possibly) frozen.

I like stardustcities; she responds to my stupid comments on discussion posts and takes the time to tell me she'll fix something I muddled up. That is so nice. I don't want to see her go, and, TBH, I'm fully prepared to follow her to the other meme, where people seem to be just as friendly and appropriate as they are over here, if less active. I understand that there was a misunderstanding between OS and SDC, but it would really boost my confidence in memes in general if something was worked out.

Worse comes to worse and OC decides to freeze this meme, I'd just like to ask if some consideration could be taken about a new head mod taking over. It doesn't have to be SDC, and it doesn't have to be a user I see a lot on the meme-- I would just like someone to run this meme as an alternative to it being frozen.[12]

oakenshields13 did not reply to any comments or make a follow-up post. soldierly, however, did reply to comments on the post from participants who were concerned about the kink meme possibly being deleted, and assisted a few others in backing 1stclass_kink up just in case.

The entire debacle was referenced on fail_fandomanon.[13]

There has not been an update post/comment from oakenshields13 on the post, whose LiveJournal is now deleted. The kinkmeme remains up for public browsing.

Notable Fills

  • Unwanted Sub (link), which sparked a mini-fill, two extensions of the mini-fill by different authors, a prequel by yet another author, and two pieces of fanart.


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