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Journal Community
Name: the_eagle_kink
Date(s): founded 14 February 2011
Moderator: the_eagle_mod account
Type: Kink Meme
Fandom: The Eagle
URL: the_eagle_kink (LiveJournal)
the_eagle_kink (Delicious)
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the_eagle_kink is a kink meme dedicated to the 2011 film "The Eagle" starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell.

The meme has a delicious account to keep track of the prompts and fills.

Affiliates: ninth_eagle, eagleslave, rule34_kink, jumper_kink.


screencap of the delicious account
the_eagle_kink . This is a standard kink community with the usual kink meme rules. Follow the rules and we should all get along*.

- No bashing of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, character, pairing, kink, actor, and even the film. There is a time and a place for discussion about these things, but this isn't it.
- All prompt subject lines must include the pairing you are interested in. This will make things easier for the mod(s) in the long run and we appreciate it.
- Be respectful!
- All prompts must contain either characters from The Eagle, or the actors who were in it.
- Prompts can be for either the film, or the book.
- You can choose to be un-anon if you wish, and you may post your fics outside of this community. If a fic is not yours please do NOT post it outside of the community. You are welcome to rec people to the original fic.
- Only one prompt per comment please.
- No repeat prompts. We're going to have a delicious account and if we catch a repeat we'll delete it.
- Gen prompts and fics are allowed
- Requests can be for art/vids/fics/etc.
- Prompt posts close at 4k comments. At which point no new prompts can be posted. Previously posted prompts can still be filled.
- Do not post a request for a sequel as a separate prompt. You are more than welcome to ask the writer for a sequel but it is NOT ok to make a general sequel request that anyone can fill. However, if the original author specifically gives permission such requests will be allowed.
- All fics belong to the original authors. Abandoned fics cannot be continued by another individual unless the original author leaves explicit permission that such action is allowed. - Constructive criticism is allowed only so long as it is specifically asked for by the author anon.
- If there are ever any problems feel free to contact a mod. You can PM the_eagle_mod or stop by the contact a mod page with any questions/comments/concerns. We'll try to get to you asap.
Fill rules:

Link to NSFW images
Do not link to any locked community or journal.
Prompts can be filled more than once. So if someone already wrote a fill, that doesn't mean you can't also When posting a fill respond to the original prompt comment.
When posting a fill write "Fill" in the subject of your response followed by the title of your fic, if you have one.
All fills must also contain the necessary warnings in their subject lines.
Post your fill in a "nest" format. ie, every new part of your fill should be posted as a response to the previous post of your fill. This way we can make a delicious link to your fill. If, however, your fill gets to the point where it becomes difficult to read new installments can be posted as a reply to the first part of your fic. That will give you more space for your fill and still insure that the entire thing can be found via the delicious link.

Prompt format rules:

Please alphabetize pairings, including threesomes, etc.
If a prompt is a RPF please put [RPF] in the subject line.
If a prompt is a crossover please put [Crossover] in the subject line.
If a prompt is gen please put [GEN] in the subject line.
If a prompt is an AU please put [AU] in the subject line.
Include a basic idea or kinks for your prompt in the subject line. (ex: Esca/Marcus - rimming).
All prompts must include the necessary warnings in their subject lines. Examples of warnings include, but are not limited to: non-con, dub-con, abuse, drugs, mental illness, real world situations, eating disorders, etc.

Delicious Format:

The tags "Unfilled" and "Filled" refer and link to the prompt
"Fill" tags refer to the individual fills
Character tags will refer to GEN prompts or to characters not part of the pairing
pov tags will refer only to outside!POV prompts (ie, uncle view, cub view, etc.)
Marcus' father will be known as Flavius Aquilla for the sake of this meme.
WIP is marked only on individual fill links, not on links to the prompts. The same applies to the compelte tag
The "warning:multi-threads" tag does not meant that the fill is multiple parts, simply that parts of the fill are not visial from that delicious link. In other words, parts of the fill were posted as responces to the prompt itself, rather than with the rest of their fill.

*Rules are subject to change and can be modified to fit any problems that may occur during the kink meme's life.