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Journal Community
Name: Sexually Liberated: the Blake's 7 kink meme
Date(s): founded 23 March 2013
Moderator: wellharkather
Founder: wellharkather
Type: Kink Meme
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: link, incomplete fills list (N.B. it's worth looking in the actual meme content for other fills)

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Sexually Liberated! The Blakes 7 Kink Meme is a kink meme on LiveJournal for Blake's 7. It was founded in 2013, and was most active during that year and the following year, though it is still open today and has experienced a surge of activity in 2020. The community also hosted a short-lived discussion thread.

The moderator stated: "The "kink" part of "kink meme" implies that there must be some hardcore porn involved, but i don't mind if your prompt is 'Vila and Avon rob a bank, lols.', 'Gan hugs everyone.', or 'Jenna, Cally and Blake discuss their haircare regimes.'."[1] Most of these prompts were later filled.[2]

While many of the the people creating the prompts chose to be anonymous, most authors/artists did not. Participants have thus far created fanfic, fanart, and some filk. Many, though certainly not all, prompts and fills have been Blake/Avon, though the meme welcomes all ships/gen scenarios.

The kink meme is closely associated with BlakeFest, which posted all of its unfilled prompts anonymously to the meme after each fest was closed.