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Journal Community
Name: BlakeFest
Date(s): 2013 - 2016
Moderator: Aralias, Elviaprose
Founder: Aralias
Type: Challenge community/gift exchange
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: Fest on DW, AO3 collection

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Blakefest is a gift exchange fest celebrating Blake's 7. It is moderated by Aralias (with support from Elviaprose) and, like her previous fest More Politics, it came about as a direct result of Aralias not being able to write for a chosen fandom in Yuletide.[1] Aralias wanted posting to happen around Christmas (specifically Gauda Prime Day), but was encouraged to move the fest later in the year so that those who were participating in other Christmas fests wouldn't be overwhelmed.[2] The fest is hosted on Dreamwidth and has an Archive of Our Own collection.

The first two rounds of the fest were prompt-based gift exchanges. The third round was a remix, moderated by Elviaprose.


  • Blakefest 1 (subtitled 'In the Blake Midwinter') posted from Feb 22nd to March 1, 2014. Masterlist on DW. Nine fics were produced, as well as four pieces of fanart, one vid, and one piece of meta.
  • Blakefest 2 posted in October 2014. Masterlist on DW. Five fics were produced, as well as one vid and one piece of meta.
  • Blakefest 3 (remix edition) posted in March/April 2016. Masterlist on DW. Seven fics were produced for the com-deadline, with others posted later and included in the AO3 collection only.


The rules for the prompt-exchange fests state:

.. submit three prompts for fic. Then, you may also submit three prompts for art and/or three prompts for vids and/or three prompts for graphics and/or or three prompts for podfic and/or three prompts for meta! You have to prompt three things in any category you wish to play in. You can reuse a prompt across the categories (i.e. Gan hugs everyone is a good prompt for fic and art).

N.B. You have to submit a request for fic so that I can be sure of matching everyone, but if you want to specify that you'd prefer a gift of one of the other mediums, please let me know in your sign-up.

N.B.2. For each type of media, you have to prompt three separate prompts, so that everyone has a good range of things to choose from.[3]


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