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Journal Community
Name: (Less Running,) More Politics. Also known as 'the Gallifreyathon'.
Date(s): 2011-2013
Moderator: Aralias
Founder: Aralias
Type: Challenge community
Fandom: Doctor Who, Gallifrey (audio series, Bernice Summerfield
URL:; archive link and

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More Politics is a gift exchange fest celebrating the Big Finish audio series Gallifrey and (from 2013) the Big Finish audio series and the Virgin books about Bernice Summerfield. It was founded on Livejournal in 2011 as a result of Aralias not being assigned Gallifrey as a Yuletide fandom in 2010 and thus wanting an different excuse to organise the writing of more Gallifrey fic[1] The challenge moved to Dreamwidth in 2013.

The full name of the community (Less Running, More Politics) is a jokey comparison of Gallifrey and its parent series Doctor Who. The comm description refers to a similar comparison: "Doctor Who with more "boring" bits".[2]


The fest ran for three years:

It is unlikely there will be a 2014 fest.


Participants could prompt up to 3 fics and/or artworks and/or multiple fics they wished to be podficced. They would receive one fic or artwork or podfic in return.

The rules stated:

Maximum one of three can be explicitly shippy, so assigning writers/artists is not completely impossible. The others can, however, imply preferences i.e. 'would not say no to some Leela/Narvin in this fic'... Prompts can include other Doctor Who characters, but must include at least one Gallifrey, the audio series character with some reference to the world of Gallifrey, the audio series. Don't just use Gallifrey as a setting for your Theta/Koschei (or whatever).[3]


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