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Journal Community
Name: The 100 Kink Meme, 100 Kink Meme
Date(s): September 2016 - 2020
Moderator: witchling, unatorre
Founder: witchling
Type: kink meme
Fandom: The 100
URL: 100kinkmeme Livejournal (Original comm)
100kinkmeme Dreamwidth (Current comm)
the100kinkmeme prompts and fills list
Ao3 Collection

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The 100 Kink Meme is a kink meme for The 100 fandom. It was originally located on Livejournal and Tumblr but has since 2019 moved to Dreamwidth.

This kink meme became active after the third season of the show. A great many of the prompt fill requests were for popular m/f pairings like Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, John Murphy/Raven Reyes and canonical couple Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane. Although, like other kink memes there were also very rare pairings. The most requested character in 2017 was Bellamy Blake.

The rounds organized do not have a fixed schedule and are usually annual and of varied length. There was no round in 2018 and the year 2019 had a second round that lasted only four days.

We have a total of 128 prompts filled but 137 separate fills including sequels. Bellamy ended up being the most popular character to write for as he was in 79 fills, 13 of which are non-Bellarke. Incidentally Bellarke ended up being the most popular ship to write for with 66 fills. Sorry Kabby, you came out strong with 29 fills though!

The rest of the characters ranked as follows:

Clarke, 76 Kane, 39 Abby, 35 Octavia, 12 Raven, 11 Harper, 9 (proud of my girl) Roan, Octavia, and Miller, 8 Murphy and Echo, 7 Emori, 4 Niylah and Lexa, 3 each (2 of Lexa’s are Bellexa) Luna, Monty, Jackson, and Bryan, 2 Emerson, Pike, Ilian, Gina, Jake, and Jaha, 1 each

Also you’re into Daddy/Mommy!Kink, 18, specifically Daddy!Bellamy, 10. The only Mommy!Kink is Dr. Space Milf, obviously with 2 Mommy!Abby. Also the Bellarke fans like cheating more than anyone else with 6 of the 7. And weirdly Murphy, Miller, and Roan are in all of the 4 orgies. [1]

As of 2019, the kink meme changed admin and was on its third round, and some character preferences had shifted, but there was still a heavy concentration on Bellarke and Kabby:

In the 15 days (from January 10th to January 27th with 2 days of break in between) the kinkmeme was open 140 fills were published. 130 fanfic and 10 fanarts.

The character who was written about the most was Clarke with 100 fills, second Bellamy with 87, and then Kane with 23, Abby with 21 and Raven with 12. Subverting last kinkmeme's stats, as Clarke gained 3 positions! Of the new characters from this season the one with the most fills is McCreary, with 5. The ships most written about is Bellarke, with 69 (eheh) fills (+15 if you count the ones where they are in threesomes and moresomes), followed by Kabby 15 (+3 threesomes) and by Clarke/Kane 4 and Clarke/Mccreary 3. 16 threesomes, 2 foursomes and 5 moresomes. A notable mention comes for the Clarke/Others, as it's apparent many of us want to see our lovely bi protagonist at the very center of the action.

Weirdly enough there were no m/m fills, (I have to say, this one is a new one for me), 7 f/f fills, 108 m/f fills and 23 threesomes/moresomes [2]

In July 2019 the kink meme moved from Livejournal to Dreamwidth for a flash round with less works for the ship Kabby than previous rounds.

In the 108 hours this flash round was open 69 works were created. Which means a new work every 1.5 hours.

Also. Let's that sink in. 69 fills. I'm overjoyed. 6 fanarts and 63 fics. 54 m/f, 10 moresomes, 3 m/m and 2 f/f were created. 29 fills without warnings while 40 with warnings. Of those 13 dub-con, 17 non-con, 8 incest and 20 underage. 50 complete works and 19 WIPs (that hopefully will be completed on Ao3)

The most filled character was Bellamy Blake, followed by Clarke Griffin. Changing once again from the previous round who saw Clarke at the first place. Third place is a tie between Murphy and Octavia and then on 4th place Kane.

The most filled ship was Bellarke (37, + 4 if you count threesomes) followed by Murven (4, + 2 if you count threesomes) who takes second place this year for the first time! Yeah for the rise of Murven!

Some random rarepairs that appeared: Clarke/ Jaha, Bellamy/Harper, Jordan /Clarke.

It is a bit sad that the kabby fandom didn't participate as much as they have in the previous rounds but given the canon right now I have to say I fully understand if they didn’t feel up for it. [3]

January 2020 saw a fifth round with a majority of Bellarke and Murven fanworks.

In the 14 days this round was open 97 fills were created. Of which 92 were fanfics and 5 fan arts!

A good chunk of the fanfics that were posted were actually completed (53 completed fills vs 35 WIPS, that will, hopefully, be completed on Ao3, so check out the collection for that.)

As categories goes there were 79 m/f, 8 moresomes, 7 f/f, 2 solos and 1 m/m.

The most filled character is back again Clarke Griffin (66), followed by Bellamy Blake (61), Murphy (12), Abby (11) and Kane (10).

Of the new characters of this season the most filled were Josephine (5) and Gabriel (3).

The most filled ship is, unsurprisingly, Bellarke with 50 fills (+4 in which they are in threesomes/foursomes, including 2 where they are with Josephine). In second place Murven is holding its position with 7 fills (+ 1 in a foursome), and I'm so happy to see that Kabby is back at it after the last flash round, in third place with 6 works (+ 2 in a threesome... hey kabbyoza!).

Some random rarepairs: Bellamy/Clarke/Josephine is a thing. Ryker/Gabriel is also a thing. Octavia/Gabriel actually had only two prompts in the whole kinkmeme and they were both filled! [4]