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Journal Community
Name: Kakairu Kink Meme
Date(s): 2009-2011
Moderator: kiasca
Founder: kiasca
Type: Kink meme
Fandom: Naruto
URL: Kakairu Kink Meme


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The Kakairu Kink Meme is, as the name suggests, a kink meme devoted to the pairing of Kakashi x Iruka from the manga and anime series Naruto.

The kink meme was suggested by koukatsukoneko, and created by kiasca. The first post went up on June 21, 2009. The meme was small, but saw a regular number of new prompts and fills. There have been several attempts to index fills: first on delicious, and then in a separate post on the community. The latter project was disrupted by Livejournal's decision to remove subject lines from comments in most LJ styles. The last post was a request from the mod for someone else to take over.[1]

Meme Culture

People post prompts and fills anonymously and logged-in. Unlike some kink memes, posting un-anon is not considered a breech of meme etiquette.

Most fills are fanfic, although some fanart is also posted.

While technically a kink meme, there are many requests and fills that are not explicitly sexual. Some fills have even been gen. The meme's rules say that "It doesn't have to be a kink prom[p]t neces[s]arily, you can post other themes as well. AUs, Fluff, humor, angst, .... etc, up to your imagination." [2] The meme is used as a plot bunny dumping ground as much as it is as a kink meme.

There have been a few conflicts based on prompts posted to the meme. The first was based on a request for a Pocahontas-style AU where Iruka was a Native American, and Kakashi was a settler. [3] The second controversial request has been deleted altogether. The prompter asked for loli, which sparked several discussions about kink shaming and the legality of posting about underage characters. This prompt led to a change in the community's rules: "( Slight underage is ok, but slight (17 or 16 maybe) but not more please as some of the usuals writers and readers I'm not confortable with something more extreme. (Deleted the entire discussion because I don't want it to open again in a few weeks))" [4]


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