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Journal Community
Name: Supernatural Kink Community, Supernatural Kink Meme, spnkink_meme
Date(s): 2009-
Type: kink meme
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: on LiveJournal
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Supernatural Kink Community (or Supernatural Kink Meme as it is also known) is a kink meme hosted on Livejournal. Unlike most kink memes the moderators are not anonymous and posters have the option to post under their Livejournal accounts or anonymously.

The rules are simple: participants post requests (prompts) for fan fiction based on their kinks (sexual, no matter how extreme or tame) and their fellow fans write fic fills and post them. Prompters and fillers can post under their Livejournal names or anonymously.

While the community is labeled "kink", any fic request is allowed. Posts requesting stories about underage characters (under 16) must be in a separate entry. No RPS/RPF requests are allowed for people under the age of 18. The community also emphasizes that requests should not be judged or criticized. If a story contains something the reader does not like or finds offensive, they are requested to "take it to their own journals and blog about it there."

Posts are organized in three groupings: Supernatural character pairings (Sam/Dean or Dean/Castiel or Sam/Jessica), RPF and RPS pairings Jared/Jensen), and underage fictional characters. Submissions are taken for the first 15 days of every month. Prompts that have been filled are tagged "FILLED" so readers can skip past the hundreds of unfilled requests.

The spnkink-meme is one of several kink memes in Supernatural fandom. Supernatural Anonymous Kink Meme (a.k.a. blindfold_spn) runs twice a year, while other kink memes like spn-hardcore and take-the-knot run year-round like spnkink-meme does.