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Name: Bridgerton Kinkmeme
Date(s): February 2021 - present
Moderator: Lady Kinkydown (unatorre, vigilantesmut)
Founder: Lady Kinkydown (unatorre, vigilantesmut)
Type: kink meme
Fandom: Bridgerton Series
URL: Dreamwidth Tumblr Twitter

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Bridgerton Kinkmeme is a kink meme for both the Netflix series and the book series by Julia Quinn Bridgerton hosted on Dreamwidth.

The Moderators use the pseudonym 'Lady Kinkydown' as a reference to the series' own 'Lady Whistledown' for the announcements and comunications.

The first round opened in Febrary 2021 and it was mostly M/f and incest between the Bridgerton Siblings:

Unsurprisingly, one of the ton’s greatest rakes, Anthony Bridgerton was caught in the act more than any other lord or lady. However, his brother, Colin Bridgerton was seen with Penelope Featherington more times than any other couple.


Fills: 19, 14 fanfic and 5 fanart

Most Filled Characters: Anthony with 8 fills, Daphne with 6, Colin and Eloise with 5

Most Filled Ships: Colin Bridgerton/Penelope Featherington with 4 fills, Anthony Bridgerton/Daphne Bridgerton with 3 and Benedict Bridgerton/Eloise Bridgerton with 2

Category: 14 m/f, 1 f/f and 1 m/m[1]