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Journal Community
Name: The Social Network: the kink meme!
Date(s): founded 15 December 2010
Moderator: thisissirius, oresteia, tsnmemehelper (anonymous mod team)
Founder: thisissirius
Type: LiveJournal kink meme
Fandom: The Social Network

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The Social Network Kink Meme is a kink meme community for The Social Network fandom. It was the fandom's main place of activity during the its prime (2011-2014), both due to its anonymity and wide range of prompts. While the fandom's juggernaut ship had its community created earlier (mark_eduardo), tsn_kinkmeme was generally more frequented.

The kink meme was started by thisissirius on 15 December 2010. It was handed over to oresteia and a mod team on 6 September 2011[1] and had a well-managed Delicious account to manage fills and prompts, up until the middle of round 6.[2]

Though the kink meme is still open and now has an active pinboard, no new prompts have been posted since June 2015.

There are currently 10 rounds and 3 overflow posts at the kink meme. Nearly all of the fandom's most notable works have been produced here, with few exceptions.

The community also has a Dreamwidth mirror, established during the LJ exodus of April 2017.[3]


As the fandom OTP, there are currently over 4000 Eduardo/Mark prompts on the tsn_kinkmeme, over half of the community's entire prompts. The RPF OTP, Andrew/Jesse, has the second-most prompts and subsequent fills at 1800 comments. The third most popular pairing at the kink meme is Chris/Dustin, though at a much smaller number of 300.

Though characters like Divya Narendra and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had a significant amount of screentime in the movie, they are largely ignored by the kink meme. Sean is occasionally mentioned in prompts either as a catalyst or antagonist, however, but slightly more rarely in pairings.

In the RPF side of things, many actors who are not associated with The Social Network directly but have had significant interaction with at least one of the actors from the movie make frequent appearances in prompts, ships, and fics. Some of these examples include Jesse/Justin Bartha, Andrew/Emma, and Andrew/Shannon Woodward. This led to mentions of real life people who are not public figures, such as Jesse Eisenberg's girlfriend at the time[4] and Mark Zuckerberg's IRL wife. Some anons then became concerned with prompts and fics about non-public figures who have no association with the movie, leading to some discussion with what is permissible as RPF and what isn't.[5][6] Many also pointed out that The Social Network is likened to an RPF fanfiction itself, especially as Erica Albright and Christy Lee are based on real life women, but with altered names.

Eventually, results of a kink meme poll decided that non-public figures were off-limits, but characters who are based on real people but can be made into OCs due to any sort of presence in the movie (such as Eduardo's father) were allowed. From round 4 and on, a new rule was established:

IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

Common Prompt Themes

In spirit of the movie's meta, and the meta of the fandom itself, there are several prompts wherein Dustin, Mark, Andrew, Jesse, and/or any other characters or actors from the movie find tsn_kinkmeme itself, and possibly even participate in it.[7]

Another common prompt style is Texts From Last Night prompts.

Fans often refer to separate timeframes in the movie as "Harvard era" (either canon-compliant pre-movie, or eventually canon divergent), "Palo Alto era," and "post-dilution/deposition." Some prompts are AUs where the first chronological half of the movie occurs, but Eduardo does not follow up with his threat of a lawsuit.

End of an Era

A rapid decline in the kinkmeme began in 2012, only covering parts 9 and 10 of the meme, while 2011 had gone through parts 2 to 9. Activity dissipated even further after 2012, with three years' worth of prompts across only ten pages. As expected for any other movie fandom, hype for The Social Network was short-lived, particularly visible on this kink meme.

Notable WIPs and anonymous works

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