The Walking Dead Kinkmeme

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Journal Community
Name: The Walking Dead Kinkmeme
Date(s): July 2011 - October 2013
Moderator: twdkinkmod
Type: kink meme
Fandom: The Walking Dead
URL: twd-kinkmeme

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The Walking Dead Kinkmeme was a kink meme for The Walking Dead fandom, hosted on Livejournal.

This kink meme was active during the early seasons of the television series, so a considerable amount of the prompt fills are focused on the pairings of Rick Grimes/Shane Walsh and Daryl Dixon/Glenn Rhee, and to a lesser extent Daryl Dixon/Merle Dixon. Although, one can see the emergence of pairings that would go on to be extremely popular in later seasons, like Rick Grimes/Daryl Dixon and Daryl Dixon/Carol Peletier. There are also stories featuring pairings that would be very rare to find elsewhere, like Glenn Rhee/Shane Walsh.

The community had 299 members. The last official posting was in October 2013, although some prompts continued being filled into 2014 and early 2015.