Thor Kinkmeme

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Journal Community
Name: Thor Kinkmeme
Date(s): 03 May 2011 - October 2015 (last entry)
Moderator: norse_kink
Founder: radishface
Type: Kink Meme
Fandom: Thor

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Thor Kinkmeme is a kink meme for the movie Thor.


1. No kink-shaming, character bashing, or policing of preferences. Period.

2. If your prompt or fill may have triggering content, please put a warning in the subject line of the comment.

3. Do not use oppressive or appropriative language in prompts, and discuss with caution and respect.

4. If you see wank or rule-breaking, do not reply to the offending comment. Any offensive or wanktastic comments will be frozen (and frequently deleted) immediately. Any wank from another lj brought back to norsekink will also be deleted.

5. Cross-posting prompts from other memes is not allowed unless you are either the OP or have permission from the OP, and you must provide a link if you do cross-post.

6. Fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.

7. Fills may be posted anonymously or not.

8. Prompts may be filled as many times as you like. There are lots of really interesting prompts, and if one inspires you, feel free to fill it again even if someone already has.

9. Any new fills and new chapters for round 1 to 3 should be posted in the Overflow Post!

10. Provide links to prompts filled off-site.

11. Link to NSFW images/videos. Don't embed.

12. Please don't link to locked material. This includes locked communities, even in membership is open, and members-only things on AO3.

13. To make sure that your newly posted fic is found and properly indexed, please post a comment to the Fill List using the prescribed format.[1]