Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme

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Journal Community
Name: Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme
Date(s): 8 March 2010 - 22 April 2014
Moderator: middletone, cutebutpsycho99, damnednforsaken, ljghunter, middletone, wave_of_sorrow (LJ); middletone, taleya (DW)
Founder: middletone
Type: Kink meme
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (all media)
URL: Sherlock Kink Meme - Original (now deleted and purged)
Sherlock Kink Livejournal - First mirror community
Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme Dreamwidth - Second Mirror community

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The Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme was a kink meme project that worked to preserve kink-positive fanworks across all Sherlock media types. It was created in 2010 as an archive and alternative to the (now deleted) Livejournal community Sherlock Kink. The community boasted over 650 community members and 13 rounds of prompting on LJ and was last updated in 2014.

As of 2022, Moderator Taleya maintains a static archive of filled prompts assembled from the original and mirror communities which preserves the works of 125 authors and over 2300 individual prompt fills. The static archive can be found at and provides a searchable entries database of completed prompt fills.