Timeline of One Direction Fandom

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Fandom: One Direction
Dates: 2010 - present
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One Direction is an English/Irish boy band with a large fandom.


  • October 9/October 10: On an episode of the British reality television show The X Factor, five contestants are put together in a boy band. The fandom seems to have appeared on Twitter and Tumblr almost immediately following their first performance as a group and quickly gained momentum.
  • November 2: LiveJournal community one_direction is created.
  • December: First 1D work posted on AO3.
  • December 28: LJ comm wanderection is created, with associated tumblr account fuckyeahwanderection.




  • January 18: Anna Todd begins posting After, a Harry/Original Female Character fic, on Wattpad.
  • January: Haylor breaks up.
  • February: Posting for One Direction Big Bang Round One begins.
  • March: The Flower Crown meme begins, reportedly starting in One Direction fandom.
  • March 7: LJ comm reel_1d is created.
  • March 18: The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction Part 2 is released.
  • April: Fan group takemehomefromnarnia is founded.
  • June 20: LJ comm anon1d is created to replace onedanon.
  • July 13: LJ comm bestboys is created.
  • July 22: The music video and single "Best Song Ever" is released. The intro to the music video is an extended scene with the band interacting with their American alter egos. Fans start writing Best Song Ever AUs and ship the music video characters with each other or with the band members.
  • August 15: The documentary Crazy About One Direction airs on Channel 4 in the UK. Fans react.
  • August 28: Dreamwidth anon meme and capslock community 1d_meme is created.
  • August 29: One Direction: This Is Us, the official documentary concert film, is released.
  • September: One Direction becomes the most popular fandom in the Music & Bands category on AO3 after reaching over 14,000 works.
  • November 25: Midnight Memories, the third album, is released.




  • January 23/24: 1D band member Louis Tomlinson announces that his baby is born, but does not announce a name. Conchobar meme begins.
  • February: One Direction Big Bang Round Four begins.
  • March: The band's indefinite hiatus begins.
  • April 11: Escapade is published as an original novel.
  • October: One Direction loses the position of most popular fandom in the Music & Bands category on AO3 after K-Pop reaches over 47,700 works.



  • March: One Direction falls to third most popular fandom in the Music & Bands category on AO3 after BTS reaches over 52,300 works.