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Date Started: January 24, 2016
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Conchobar is a One Direction rumor and meme that started on Tumblr on January 24, 2016. On January 23 1D band member Louis Tomlinson confirmed that his son was born[1], but the baby's name was not announced until January 28. In the interim, there was frenzied speculation, and several false claims were made about the baby's name. On January 24, Tumblr user bigbrotherlouis posted a fake photoshopped People article announcing that Louis had named his son "Conchobar" after losing a bet with Niall Horan. The post was reblogged many times by fans who thought it was true, and several mainstream media outlets reported on it. Meanwhile, "Conchobar" had become a catchword on social media.

bigbrotherlouis later wrote that "Conchobar" was an in-joke with a few other tumblr fans, and they never expected people to take it seriously.

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