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Name: Halsey
Also Known As: Ashley Frangipane, se7enteenblack
Occupation: Musician
Medium: Music
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Halsey is an American singer and songwriter, known for her solo work.

Fan History

Halsey was a Bandom fan, particularly of Panic! at the Disco. Ryan Ross was her favorite member. She has repeatedly stated that while growing up, Ryan was "like Harry Styles" to her. She shipped Ryden. In July 2013 she tweeted "Ryden is still my OTP tbh."[1] In April 2015 a fan tweeted, "HALSEY WROTE RYDEN FANFICS...." and Halsey replied, "no I READ Ryden fanfics," then clarified that she meant read in the past tense.[2] Ryden fandom got excited in 2016 when she interacted with both Brendon Urie and Ryan on Twitter, leading to jokes that Halsey was "the Ryden that made it" and would conspire to reunite the two.

Halsey's tumblr was se7enteenblack (archived), a blog which had over 10,000 followers. On Tumblr she gained popularity while in One Direction fandom. After it was revealed that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift we dating, she made a fan song, the "Haylor Song," sung to the tune of the Taylor Swift song "I Knew You Were Trouble," which she posted on her Tumblr on December 2, 2012[3]. The song was anti-Taylor and received some backlash from Taylor fans, but also received media coverage. See the tag the haylor song. This was before Haylor broke up in early 2013.

She also wrote a fan song about Harry Styles: S.O.S.

While still known as Ashley, she was groupie of 5 Seconds of Summer and was closest with Ashton Irwin, as is documented by numerous 5SOS fan blogs.

Solo Music Career

When Halsey began her solo music career, she became very popular on Tumblr. This was partly due to the following she had already gained on the site. Her popularity on the site exploded after her first album, Badlands, in 2015. This was due to Halsey's and the album's aesthetic, which were very "tumblr aesthetic" at the time (e.g. Halsey's blue hair, her openness about her bipolar disorder). Tumblr also liked Halsey’s openness in discussing social justice and her own identity as a biracial and bisexual woman.

In 2015 Halsey once responded to Maggie Stiefvater, the author of The Raven Cycle on Twitter, when Stiefvater began mocking Halsey's song "Drive." TRC fans had told Maggie that they considered the song appropriate for the Ronan/Adam ship, but Maggie began tweeting about perceived innuendos in the lyrics. Maggie was widely mocked by fandom for her comments about the song and her response to Halsey's replies, which were considered immature.

In 2015 and 2016, controversy arose in the Badlands era when it came to light that Halsey had kissed an underage fan. Halsey had kissed fans previously, and openly informed fans that if they had not had their first kiss yet, she was willing to give them a memorable experience. This resulted in many fans, mostly women, asking to be kissed when meeting Halsey – the underage girl was one such fan. Halsey had not known the girl was underage, but also had not asked any of the fans their age. Halsey was also only around 20 or 21 at this time, and was open about having relationships with significantly older men while underage. However, some contended that Halsey’s being a famous singer increased the power imbalance of the situation.

In early 2019 Halsey gained popularity in BTS and K-pop fandom due to her collaboration with BTS. In late 2019 controversy arose when awareness of accounts of Halsey's kissing young fans spread in the Twitter fandom.

As of 2020, Halsey frequently uses Twitter to interact with her fans.

In Fanworks

Halsey often appears in RPF fanfiction in Bandom works. This is based not on her music, but her relationships in real life. She toured with Twenty One Pilots, who are part of "modern Bandom." Based on her friendship with Josh Dun Halsey is often paired with him in fanfic. The Josh/Halsey ship is based on the two having gone to events with each other as platonic dates, and the period during the Blurryface and Badlands era in when Josh had red hair and Halsey had blue hair, which was perceived as a reference to romantic Halsey lyrics.

Halsey is also shipped with other women, though this is more often in Halsey-centric and non-Bandom works, due to the lack of other female artists in modern Bandom to pair her with.


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