The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

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Fan Film
Title: The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction
Creator: Mark Parsons
Date: May 29, 2012; March 18, 2013; December 2015
Length: 18m, 30m
Medium: animation
Genre: comedy
Fandom: One Direction
URL: Mark Parsons on YouTube

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The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction is a series of animated short films by Mark Parsons (chimpshrimp). The films depict the members of One Direction as superheroes sent on missions by their boss Psymon. The first two films were released to YouTube in full; the third "episode" was released in a 12-part series of videos called The 12 Days of AAoOD.

The 1D boys are portrayed in the films as they commonly were during the early days of the fandom. Niall eats a lot, Harry dates older women and makes a lot of puns, Louis hits everyone in the nads, Zayn is sensitive about his hair, and Liam is terrified of spoons.

1D have apparently seen at least one of the films, and Liam commented in June 2012 that "there might be some more cartoons with our voices in the future," but this has never happened.[1]


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