1D Summer Bang

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Name: 1D Summer Bang
Date(s): 2015
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction
Fandom: One Direction
Associated Community:
URL: LiveJournal
Tumblr (defunct, archive link)
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The 1D Summer Bang was a big bang challenge in One Direction fandom, focused on rare pairings, so any pairing other than Harry/Louis or Liam/Zayn. Authors had to write a minimum of 10,000 words. Unlike traditional big bangs there was no artist involvement.


Author: Diaryofanarcissisticgayman
Pairing: Niall/Harry, Liam/Louis
Summary: Niall Horan is lucky by nature, a man who's gotten to live his dream in a way that few do. His luck takes a turn for the worse one night when two men, two monsters, show up, and steal him away from the lie that is his life. A new world, hidden beside this one, is revealed to him as he finds himself at the center of a war being waged for the very fate of the world, one that's been raging for a millennium, and he may very well be the most powerful weapon on Earth. Aka: The Supernatural-Creatures!AU that nobody asked for, where Harry is the King of the Lycans (aka werewolves on steroids), Liam is his servant and only friend left, and Niall is a very cruel joke by mother nature who gets kidnapped and might just fall for the gorgeous, dangerous lycan holding him captive. Vampires vs. Lycans, because I'm that cliche. Pulls inspiration from True Blood, Underworld, and lots of other things. Warnings for gratuitous Twilight references and dog jokes, because Niall thinks making fun of werewolves is the funniest thing ever.

Author: sunshineflying
Pairing: Liam/Louis
Summary: AU - Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn all have places to be over the winter holiday - and they're all flying to get there. The only problem is that the biggest snowstorm on record is bearing down on the UK, and they're trapped at Heathrow. Through a series of chance encounters, they get to know each other and combine into a big group who helps each other pass the time and get through some troubles in their personal lives. In the end, they're all flying out feeling better than they had before - and with lasting friendships, as well.

Author: moshi
Pairing: Zayn/Louis
Summary: Zayn and Louis never pretended to be perfect together. They never pretended like things couldn't go wrong. But neither of them expected it, either. They never expected they would have to make it work.

Author: catholicschoolgirl
Pairing: Zayn/Harry
Summary: Zayn's home from LA for the summer and he plans on spending the Fourth of July at a house party with his boyfriend, Harry. What Zayn did not plan for was to run into his former best friend (and Harry's ex-boyfriend), Louis Tomlinson. Louis encounters some trouble at the house party, so Zayn and Harry grudgingly agree to give Louis a ride to his sister's house two hours away. The resulting car ride is one that forces all three boys to confront their complicated, spotted past with each other, and one which ultimately forces Zayn to choose between his past with Louis and a future with Harry.

Author: gorgeousnerd
Pairing: Niall/Louis
Summary: Niall is a cupid who takes his job very seriously. He's grateful for all the help he gets from his friends and from his own magic. But what happens when he gets a name without any hints? Will he be able to figure out Louis Tomlinson's love match, and, possibly, find his own love in the process?

Author: hmarie
Pairing: Zayn/Harry
Summary: In a world where everything is decided and there are no surprises. Zayn and Harry have to figure out how to be who they're supposed to be, worse yet, they have to figure out how they managed to tweak their destiny. Or, the one where Harry was always meant to be an Omega and Zayn his Alpha.

Author: alnima
Pairing: Zayn/Harry
Summary: A reincarnation AU that follows Zayn and Harry through their lifetimes.

Author: ab_hinc
Pairing: Zayn/Harry
Summary: Growing up neighbours AU where Harry loves Zayn long before he knows what love is.

Author: mrsyt31
Pairing: Niall/Bressie
Summary: Looking back, Niall can pinpoint all of the singular moments that changed his life forever. It’s funny though, aside from the obvious ones - his parents divorce, auditioning for Xfactor, being put into the band - the moment that stands out the clearest in his mind is one that seemed insignificant at the time, in comparison. Life is strange that way, he supposes.

Author: countthestars
Pairing: Liam/Louis
Summary: “Louis,” Liam says again. “Louis, wake up.” “No,” Louis says distinctly, still buried under the duvet. Liam's not proud of the pitch his voice reaches when he says, “Louis, mate, I'm not being funny, but did we get married last night?” There's a beat of silence, and then Louis rolls over, one eye cracked open to peer up at Liam. He's still got some frosting from last night crusted in his lashes, and Liam barely catches himself from reaching out to scrub it away with his thumb. (or, yet another they-woke-up-married fic)

Author: veryniceandgood
Pairing: Zayn/Harry
Summary: In general, Harry has never been scared of going after what he wants. Never had a reason to be really, at least when what he wanted was a girl. But everything is different with Zayn. If Zayn was just another girl, Harry would be texting Zayn to come over whenever it struck his fancy. If Zayn was just another girl, Harry would be able to ask for what he wants whenever he wants it, without even thinking twice. The fact that he’s too scared to just unlock his phone and do it says all too much about his humiliating over-investment in this… whatever this is. Secret getting-off-and-not-talking-about-it club.

Author: wreckingtomlinson
Pairing: Liam/Louis
Summary: The one where Louis and Liam own a coffeeshop-slash-paranormal investigation service that's called in to check out the newest wave of Loch Ness Monster sightings. Liam has a desk calendar, Zayn designs a trap that's way too complicated to work, Harry gets stuck in said trap, and it ends up being Louis' job to distract a nosy local reporter named Nick. And Niall falls off the boat

Author: remivel
Pairing: Liam/Harry
Summary: All Harry's ever dreamed of is making it big with his band. But after another major setback, Harry decides to quit being a singer, until a very kind guy in a chicken suit makes him believe in himself again. Or a story about how Harry falls in love with his feather-clad Prince Charming, until he realizes Prince Charming might not be the one he really wants. Life is rarely like a fairy tale after all... or is it?

Author: firefall
Pairing: Niall/Louis
Summary: Louis is aromantic and tired of his friends' and family's matchmaking, expectations, and dramatics, so he recruits Niall to be his fake boyfriend so they'll leave him alone. No one falls in love because aro.

Author: geewhizmo
Pairing: Zayn/Harry, Niall/Louis
Summary: Harry and Zayn could easily be a thing but neither of them are about to admit it, Liam is happily single with Louis and Niall's a little more than human (which is lucky for Zayn, since they are too). There's also the matter of a monster from another world threatening to tear everything apart, which just might be the catalyst that brings them all together.

Author: words_unravel
Pairing: Harry/Liam/Louis
Summary: At the tail-end of the road trip where they're supposed to fix a broken relationship, a blown tire brings Louis and Harry to a small roadside diner and in addition, late-night fry cook Liam Payne. They pass a night, courtesy of a space on his floor before heading back to London the next day. At home, neither Harry nor Louis can seem to shake thoughts of Liam. Eventually, Louis drags his friend Zayn back to the diner, intent on getting his opinion on the young man they can't forget. Everything changes however, the minute they step through the door of the diner and Liam's head snaps up, eyes going gold. Or-- Werewolves exist, but that's not the most important part about a story of falling in love and finding a home.

Author: littlepinkbow
Pairing: Nick/Louis
Summary: Louis was busy falling in love with Nick and Nick was busy not realising that he and Louis were even in a functioning relationship. Do people celebrate anniversaries of dysfunction? Or the one where it all starts with a trap remix of Best Song Ever and a few too many drinks.