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Fan Theory
Fan Theory: 369
Synonyms: 369 Merch Drop
Origin: Louis Tomlinson tweeted "369"
Fandom(s): Louis Tomlinson One Direction
Dates: (March 22, 2021 -)
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Fan theories about "369" started when Louis Tomlinson tweeted "369" in response to a fan asking him "any new tattoo in mind" on March 22. Another fan responded on March 30 with "explain pls 👁️👄👁️" to which Louis responded again saying only "369" again. Fans began to speculate that it was a date, or a reference to a song.

A popular guess was that 369 related to Louis' song Copy of a Copy of a Copy because 369 is a copy of a copy of a copy.

Theories before the Merch Drop

The Copy of a Copy of a Copy theory was the most prevalent. Many Larries speculated that it was a refrence to the One Direction song 18 becuase 3+6+9=18. Another theory Larries came up with was that it was a reference to a Harry Styles tweet where a fan asked him how many songs would be on his album and he responded "863." Backwards that 368 but Larries think that that would be too obvious so Louis added +1.

Other fans thought it might mean that he has 369 tattoo ideas or he wants to get 369 tattoos. Some fans considered that he actually wanted to get the number "369" tattooed on himself.

An amount thought it might be the "369 Manifestation Method." Or that he might be talking about numerology because 369 means compassion, idealism and creative expression in numerology. Or that it might be a reference to the quote by Nikola Tesla, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

Some fans thought it might be a code. They tried to apply it to letters: 3=C, 6=F, 9=I, so you get CFI or old phone style 3=D/E/F, 6=M/N/O, 9=W/X/Y/Z. Neither of these proved to be very conclusive and most people abandoned that theories pretty quickly.

Some groups thought that 369 might have something to do with a year and four days.

Jokes about it

A couple of people joked that he wanted to say "69" but didn't because he knew it would cause an uproar. Or that: #he dropped his phone on his face and his nose was thinking about 69ing 3 days in a row#369. While other laughed about it while joking that they think it's just a random number and that he's messing with everybody to distract the fandom from asking for selfies from him.

One person said it made them think of the clapping song that goes "3 6 9 the goose drank wine" while another said it made them think of the lyrics from Get Low, "369 damn you fine."

Other fans said that they thought he dropped something on his keyboard by mistake.


One person said that since Louis was bringing 369 back they would bring back this song:

  "3, 6, 9, stand real fine
 Move it to you suck it to me one mo time
 Get low, get low, get low, get low
 To the window, to the wall
 To the sweat drop down my balls
 To all you bitches, crawl
 To all skee skee, motherfucker"

While another fan hilariously decided to modify it to fit songs in the fandom:

 WHY YOU DONT YOU GIVE it to me one mo time 
 Get low, get low, HANDS ON YOUR WAIST LETS GO 
 To the windowSILL, 
 To the sweat drop down my DIRTY LAUNDRY 
 To all skee skee, mfker"

Many fans jokingly decided that this was the real answer and that it was perfect. Others said that it was exactly what they expected from one of the people behind Rainbow Bondage Bear

A couple weeks before Louis had tweeted "369" he had tweeted "You lot read into things to much" this spawned many memes. Such as the butterfly meme where instead of the butterfly it was that tweet and the text under read, "Is this a challenge?" and

 "Louis: you guys read into things too much!
 Also Louis: okay so you’ve got to figure out my next album release date using the angle of the sun, this drawing of a pigeon and my exact coordinates from last Thursday.. your clue is 369 good luck xo"

369 Merch Drop

On April 27, 2021, 28 days later a merch collection on Louis' merch site was visible titled 369 drop. Fans instantly connected it to Louis' tweets. The larrylimericks blog posted,

 "A “369 Drop” teaser was found
 When an image went live then came down.
 Are we getting soon
 New merch? A new tune?
 It’s 28th eve and time to clown."

On April 28, one day after the collection became visible the merch was available. There was a lot of speculation over what the merch might mean or stand for.

There were also more memes this time about how tiring all the speculations were and how Louis now prefered the number "369" over his former iconic number of "28" which he does have tattooed on his body.

It also spawned the limerick,

 "Lou accuses us of over-reading
 Then drops 28 new products, feeding
 Us with numbers and codes,
 Symbols, patterns, moon odes,
 Leaving our brains and our wallets bleeding."