One Direction Reverse Bang

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Name: One Direction Reverse Bang
Date(s): 2017 - Present
Moderator(s): juliusschmidt, MediaWhore, Awriterwrites, twopoppies, fallinglikethis, beccasafan
Type: Reverse Bang
Fandom: One Direction
Associated Community: [1] at Tumblr
URL: [2]
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The One Direction Reverse Bang is an annual Reverse Bang challenge with a current minimum word count requirement of 5,000 words. It allows "any type of traditional or digital art, videos, drawings, paintings, photo manips, GIF storyboards and/or manips, and moodboards. Abstract art/line art, original songs, and poems will also be accepted" to pair with each writer. Art must be at least 400 by 600 pixels in size, videos must be at least one minute in length, and gif storyboards must consist of at least 4 gifs.

All pairings, ratings, and genres are allowed. However, authors are expected to be respectful of the artists’ ideas, likes, dislikes, and rating preferences.. You could also sign up to be a cheerleader, a beta, or a britpicker.


The One Direction Reverse Bang appears to have started in 2017. The creators were in contact with the One Direction Big Bang so the scheduled lined up. The Big Bang started posting as the Reverse Bang opened up sign ups and vice versa.