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Event: Project Home 🏠
Date(s): April 23-May 28, 2016
Fandom: One Direction
URL: twitter; youtube music video; tumblr; instagram
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Project Home was a One Direction fan campaign that ran in April/May 2016. It was similar to Project No Control, intended to promote the band's song "Home" (from the EP Perfect released October 2015) as an unofficial single.

We think it deserves way more attention than it’s gotten, it’s a beautiful song and it should not be forgotten. We know that when this fandom gets together and works as a unit, we can achieve incredible things. This is for the boys and for us, proving that it is still about the music, not about the drama. The endgame is to create a Thunderclap that will bring international attention to the song and the band, which will happen April 29th.[1]

Planning started as early as February 2016 (the campaign was originally scheduled to start in March), with the creation of social media accounts for the fans organizing the event. The mod team consisted of Agnes (@lhrry), Bean (@larrymvp), Dana (@passingonyourrite), Emily (@styles-4-miles), Kat (@musicalmissme), and Sydney (@lourryetc). The planned "release date" for the single was April 29.[1]

Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, co-writers on the song, acknowledged the project on their twitter accounts.[2][3]

Larrie Project

According to fans on twitter, larries (fans who believe that bandmembers Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a romantic relationship in real life) were responsible for organizing the project, a fact used in later years to win arguments about who supported Louis more:

  • "That's why LARRIES are so important because we are constantly telling them WE ARE HERE FOR YOU out or closeted, we just want you to be happy no bs stunts, we will make things happen for you with crazy projects like Project Control & Project Home. So they feel the love ALWAYS💙💚"[4]
  • "Larries were the one who created PNC, project just hold on and project home. We’re also the one who’ve been supporting Louis the longest so take a seat."[5]
  • "Lol are we just gonna ignore the fact that larries have made basically all the fan projects to stream jho, miss you, no control, home etc. also GIRL, 80% of larries are louies so i’m pretty sure you once were one too so don’t try to hide it"[6]

At the time, there were concerns that non-larries would boycott the project because of larries' involvement, and many larries argued that the project was "not about Larry" so everyone should support it:

I’m not trying to be rude but if anyone is considering boycotting projecthome...there’s really no reason to boycott it. the project itself does not mention larry, it is just about getting Home the recognition that we all know it deserves. also, Liam & Karen & Jay have all shown interest in it already[7]


Why don't u like project home


1. the main thing which flows thru all my points is that there’s such a clear agenda being pushed, the same people crying about it “not being about larry” have been trying to make home a larry song since it was released....

4. as someone in the lgbtqia community i often feel so uncomfortable with the way ~support is shown in the 1d fandom it feels exploitative and fetishized and this is no different

to summarize: stop masking your tinhatting as Supporting The Gays


1. the people who literally created project home has made it clear that this isn’t about any ship at all, like… it’s one of their rules actually. and since project home started every single larrie has been saying this isn’t about larry but y’all keep mentioning it? and every larrie that i’ve seen saying it isn’t about larry makes the song about how it helped them and made them feel safe so wyd....

4. this one is just so fucked up like the fact that u would completely disregard anybody that has been helped by this song just because u personally think it’s for larry like stop putting $10 words in 1 cent sentences

to summarize: stop pulling shit out of your ass and stop using the word tinhat its literally 2016[8]


What on earth are you talking about? Home to me has nothing to do with Larry. Louis and Liam wrote it. It is a beautiful song and it means so much to me and helps me feel good enough. Like Harry has said songs are open to interpretation so anyone can decide what the song means to them. You thinking the project is some weird trick made by Larries just shows how ignorant you are. So please educate yourself before you start posting bullshit and pretending that you actually know something about supporting the gays.[9]

In response to an anonymous Liam fan expressing annoyance at fans arguing against supporting Project Home because of the larries, Tumblr anti-larrie back-to-louis said,

As I’ve said before here, I think the decision to support or not support Project Home is a personal one, and whatever your reasons, I think they are valid!

I simply resent being spoken for and refuse to be spoken for as a member of the LGBTQQIA+ community that this is how I ought to feel about the song separate from Larry, because I don’t. I am sitting here saying, this doesn’t represent me, this doesn’t speak to me, so don’t tell me that it does and that I should support it because it does. But I can ONLY speak for myself. I think you should support Project Home for Liam if you want to![10]

After 1D bandmembers acknowledged the project on social media, causing excitement among larries, Tumblr anti-larrie savage-styles commented,

The fact that they’re seeing this as some sort of huge victory only shows how this was all about Larry and them winning from the get go. It had absolutely nothing to do with the music. They just wanted a pat on the back.... They’ve been saying it’s about the music, but that’s such a lie. They hand picked “Home” because they believed it to be a Larry song. If they really wanted to promote the music, they would have promoted something that was actually on the album. They’re not promoting the album.[11]

In later years, larries have named "Home" as a "Larry song" or mentioned it in proofs or masterposts.[12][13][14][15]