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Fandom: RPF
Dates: 1960s - present
See also: History of Slash Fandom

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A probably incomplete listing of RPF/RPS fandoms and events per decade. When sizes are given, they are approximations of the amount of fiction written about the pairings in question, not the even-harder-to-gauge total amount of fanac (fannish activity) in the fandoms.

NOTE: This desperately needs information about Sports and other non-media RPF fandoms.

Also see Timeline of RPF Meta.


  • 1514: Erasmus writes Julius Excluded from Heaven, about the then recently deceased Pope Julius II trying, and failing, to enter heaven.



  • At this stage, there are no 'major' RPF/RPS fandoms - either public or private; however fans are writing RPF/RPS and quietly sharing small amounts of Star Trek and Starsky & Hutch,[1] circulating it underground.
  • A few RPF stories in Star Trek fandom were published. Tricorder Readings ran a contest for members to write a "meeting Leonard Nimoy" fantasy. The Archives' Log, a Star Trek clubzine published Dream House by Steve Lampen in August 1974. In the story, Shatner, Doohan and Kelley are involved in tense negotiations over whether to appear in the new Star Trek movie. They wake up on the Starship Enterprise in the year 2241. After encountering a Klingon battle cruiser, the terrified actors are more than willing to accept the roles.

Specific examples:


Specific examples:


  • Figure Skating RPF—around since at least the 90s, the 2010 winter Olympics led to an upsurge in interest in the fandom. Works focused on Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, Stéphane Lambiel, and Evgeni Plushenko began to appear in larger numbers. Small
  • Duran Duran
  • 1997: Hanson—The first fics appeared within three months of the band's major label debut, and it quickly became a very active fandom. The most active years were 1997-2001, with a second "golden era" around 2005; the band is still active today and so is the fandom. Medium
  • 1999: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace creates an "all but RPS" fandom, as media (i.e., non-music fandoms) inch their way into full-bore RPS. There are a few Ewan/Liam stories, but there are many many thinly veiled AUs that now read more like RPS than like media AUs.
  • 1999: Popslash—first truly major-sized RPF/S fandom; Six major characters, plus a host of side characters. The first fanfiction mailing lists were started in 1999;[2] the fandom's most active years were 2000 - 2003.
  • X-Files RPF



  • The winter Olympics in February 2010 brought an upsurge in Figure Skating RPF, which had been around since at least the 1990s, with many new fans drawn in by the popularity and notoriety of Johnny Weir.
  • Late 2010-2011: A-Team movie RPF between Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper develops a following.[7]
  • The Social Network and TSN Actor RPF center around the 2010 movie which is based on a 2009 book, which is based on the founders of Facebook. It tends to be a mix RPF about the real people, FPF about the characters, and RPF about the actors, including stories where the real people interact with the movie and/or actors.
  • Bandom continues, with particular upsurges when key bands release a new album (e.g. My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco in 2010/2011). Some fans include their girlfriends and wives in fanworks.
  • In 2010 the boyband One Direction is formed on the reality TV show The X Factor and becomes massively popular very quickly. Lots of tinhats, lots of gifs, lots of fanfic. 1D fandom also encourages the development of smaller fandoms like Radio 1 RPF.
  • YouTube RPF aka vlogger RPF takes off in the 2010s. According to AO3 statistics, Phan is the most popular pairing.
  • 2012: Hockey RPF, particularly focused on the NHL, enjoys an increase in popularity.
  • Late 2012: The YouTube company Rooster Teeth (creator of Red vs. Blue) gains a significant RPF fandom.
  • 2013: My Chemical Romance breaks up.
  • 2013: Kpop boyband BTS debuts. Huge
  • 2017: Thirst Aid Kit, a podcast about pop culture and desire, debuts; each episode concludes with the "Fanfic Wars" segment - in which the two cohosts read their own reader-insert RPF drabbles.


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