The Colbert Report

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RPF Fandom
Name(s): The Colbert Report, TCR
Scope/Focus: Stephen Colbert RPF and "Stephen Colbert" FPF
Date(s): 2005-Present
See also: Pundit RPS, The Daily Show, Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert
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The Colbert Report is a U.S.-based satirical news program that spun off from The Daily Show; the two are collectively referred to as fake news when describing the fandoms. It is hosted by a fictitious conservative pundit named Stephen Colbert, who is played by comedian Stephen Colbert. Colbert is a former Daily Show correspondent, and there is a great deal of overlap between the audiences of the shows, which air back-to-back on Comedy Central. Both Colbert the character and Colbert the comedian are frequently slashed with Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Two (?) Stephens

Despite the shared name, there are significant differences between the personalities, backgrounds, and politics of the character and the comedian. Fandom treats the two Colberts as separate entities and typically encloses the character's name in quotation marks (i.e., "Stephen Colbert" or "Stephen") to indicate when the fictional Colbert is the topic of a discussion or fanwork.

In addition to "Stephen," Colbert occasionally portrays other characters on his show, such as Esteban Colberto and Steve Colbert (name pronounced with a hard T). Canonical alternate universe versions of "Stephen" have been seen briefly, from an AU where the character is liberal rather than conservative and an AU where he is defined by happiness rather than anger.

Other Colbert Report 'Verse Characters

Colbert's characters are not the only characters who inhabit the Colbert Report universe and appear in FPF works. Colbert's Second City and Strangers with Candy cast mate Paul Dinello has made multiple appearances on TCR as Tad the Building Manager,[1] and Daily Show and Colbert Report writer Eric Drysdale has made appearances as Bobby the Stage Manager[2].