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Pairing: Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Slash (M/M)
Fandom: Pundit RPS
Prevalence: Fake News OTP
Archives: Jon/Stephen at Fake News Fanfic, "Stephen"/Jon at Fake News Fanfic
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Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert is the most popular pairing in Pundit RPF fandom.[1] The slash pairing first became popular while Colbert was a correspondent on The Daily Show, and its popularity continued even after Colbert left to host The Colbert Report. The shows air back-to-back, and Colbert has said that he will retire "thirty minutes after Jon Stewart does."[2]

While new canon has been somewhat limited by Colbert's departure from The Daily Show, Colbert and Stewart have co-hosted special episodes,[3] engaged in a feud with Conan O'Brien,[4], and occasionally appeared on each other's shows. The transitional conversations ("tosses") between the two shows are a favorite source of canon among fans.

The ship may be canonical Post-Canon, since Jon Stewart left The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert left The Colbert Report to host The Late Show. On a few occasions when Jon has made appearances on The Late Show, Colbert has revived the "Stephen" character and the two appear to be living together in a cabin.


A few common variations of the Stewart/Colbert pairing have arisen, in part due to the fictional nature of The Colbert Report.

Jon and "Stephen"

Stewart is frequently paired with "Stephen Colbert", the fictional pundit portrayed by Colbert, although the relationship between Jon and "Stephen" is markedly different from the relationship between Jon and Stephen.

Joan, Stephanie, and "Stephanie"

Writers sometimes genderswap or genderfuck Stewart, Colbert, and Colbert's eponymous character to create a M/F or F/F version of the pairing. Their names are typically feminized to Joan and Stephanie, with "Stephanie" enclosed in quotation marks to indicate the pairing involves a female version of the "Stephen Colbert" character.

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