Jon Stewart

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Name: Jon Stewart
Also Known As:
Occupation: Comedian, Television Host
Medium: Television, Stand-up, Books, Film
Works: The Daily Show, The Jon Stewart Show
Official Website(s): The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Fan Website(s):
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Jon Stewart is an American comedian most notable for being a long-running host of The Daily Show, a satirical news and comedy program on American cable network Comedy Central. The show was retitled The Daily Show with Jon Stewart when he took over hosting duties from Craig Kilborn in January 1999.

Stewart is a frequent subject of Pundit RPF and one of the original members of fandom's Pundit Round Table; however, Stewart fan fiction dates back to at least November 2001.[1] He is also a main figure in the Fake News fandom with Stephen Colbert, who he is often paired with.


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