The 28th Amendment

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Title: The 28th Amendment
Author(s): bessemerprocess
Date(s): June 16, 2008
Fandom: Pundit RPS
External Links: The 28th Amendment, The 28th Amendment Index, The 28th Amendment AO3 Collection

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"The 28th Amendment" is an eight-chapter Pundit RPS dystopian AU written by bessemerprocess. The story takes place in an alternate universe where the United States becomes a theocracy following the ratification of the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.[1] "The 28th Amendment" was written during the United States' 2008 presidential primary elections and is based on a quote from Republican candidate Mike Huckabee.[2]

It is a slash story featuring the popular pundit pairings Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann/Anderson Cooper, and the story carries warnings for character death.

Shared Universe

In addition to being a story, the 28th Amendment is now a shared universe containing deuterocanonical works by a number of Pundit RPF authors, most of which are linked from The 28th Amendment Index. One of these deuterocanonical works is a crossover with the fictional television series Criminal Minds, and The 28th Amendment AO3 Collection is open to all fandoms.

Bessemerprocess' stories "Coping Mechanisms" and "Gabriel's Messiah" also take place in this universe.


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