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Name: bessemerprocess
Alias(es): Henry Bessemer, tsiankiio
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Pundit RPF, Criminal Minds, Sanctuary_(TV), Life, Grey's Anatomy, Glee and others
URL: dreamwidth; ao3 account
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bessemerprocess is a fan writer who is best known for the Pundits RPF fanfic The 28th Amendment. Zie writes mainly gen fic, but also has produced works of slash, femslash, and het. Zie has co-written with sarken.

In 2009, bessemerprocess started Third Monday, a President's day ficathon for Pundit and Political RPF. In 2010, Third Monday moved from livejournal to dreamwidth, and in 2011, bessemerprocess retired as moderator and was replaced by sarken, aliya, and trexwich who continued the ficathon until 2013.

In 2012, bessemerprocess ran Reverse Remix, a multi-fandom comment remix ficathon.

bessemerprocess has made a blanket statement about further transformation of zir fanworks.[1]

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  1. ^ "All work may be remixed, podficced, turned into art, folded, and/or used to inspire. Please cite. The author would really like it if you do do something with the work, that you send zir a link." at dreamwidth profile. (Accessed 27 Jan 2012)