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Name: Sarken
Alias(es): Sarking, SaRa
Type: Fan writer, fan vidder, reccer, gif maker, icon maker, community moderator, OTW volunteer
Fandoms: Pundit RPF, Dallas, The X-Files, Third Watch, M*A*S*H, Political RPF
URL: Dreamwidth, Archive of Our Own, Tumblr, Twitter
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Sarken is best known as a fan writer in Pundit RPF, although she has been involved in a number of activities in various fandoms since the late 1990s. She has worked on the Archive of Our Own as the Accessibility, Design & Technology (AD&T) Front End Lead since 2012 and served as AD&T Co-Chair with mumble since 2015.

Sarken has made a blanket statement about further transformation of her fanworks.[1]


  1. ^ "I grant blanket permission to create remixes, art, translations, podfic, and other transformative works based on my works. If you post your work to AO3, please feel free to cite my work as a related work so I can easily link back to you." at Archive of Our Own profile. (Accessed 30 May 2015)