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Zines focused on the Boku no Hero Academia series.

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General / No Ships

Zine Title Details Moderators Year of Publication Status
Arise Fashion zine JAMMY & JELLY ZINES (Mod Jammy, Mod Jelly) 2017-2018 Complete
Arise Winter Edition Fashion zine JAMMY & JELLY ZINES (Mod Jammy, Mod Jelly) 2019-2020 Complete
RISE (zine) U.A. Big Three 2018
AFTERMATH Angst it-zines (Mod KirishiMom, Mod Star) 2019 In Production
BNHA Domestic Zine Domestic life Mod Rae, Mod Mia 2018 Complete
Boku no Birthday Academia Birthday celebrations Cynthia, Mix 2018-2019
Sun for All Summer vacation 2016-2017 Complete
Of Heroes and Legends Pokemon crossover 2017 Free PDF, Complete
Plus Ultra and Beyond Disney @tokoyumi, xxamilychanxx 2018 Complete
Around the World BNHA characters traveling together janjanxx, yueu 2018 Complete
QUIRKS: an Unofficial BNHA Fanzine Multiple Characters Aish, Mack 2018
Snow for All Winter vacation 2018 Complete
Class Zero: a BNHA OC Zine OCs Psycho, Shin, Tart 2019
My Comic Academia Comics Moddo, Slepsy, Jinkou 2019 Complete
Bushido Honor Feudal era Japan Eterna, Suki, Jinyuuichii, ceriseisacolor 2019 Waiting for Leftovers
BNHA Tarot Project Tarot deck with BNHA characters Fif, Flame, Vell, Jordan. Mod Michaela was originally part of the project, but removed after the Hallowzine incident. 2019 Complete
Snowed In Snow/Winter ComputerGecko, Catsuki 2018-2019 Complete
BNHA Slumber Party Zine!! Slumber party/sleepover Britt, Wave 2018 Complete
What Makes a Hero Mentors/students Deafmic, Popsicleofdeath, SphereKuriboh 2018 Complete
IRIDESCENT Colors of the rainbow JAMMY & JELLY ZINES (Jelly, Jammy) 2018 Complete
Triple Threat Villain trio of Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga Enzou, Blu 2019 Complete
Villains For Real Justice Villains Sukdraw, Yaboykirishima, toidinami 2018 Complete
Gentle light blinks in winter Todoroki family Flame 2019
Smash Hit Movie posters mellific 2019 Complete
Lowlights Lowlights, nightttime Low Light Zines (Tien, Charlie, Sammy, Sei, Kenny) 2019 Complete
Astraeus Space Ashlyn, Dani, Miles 2019
Katsukitchen Bakugou's cooking Lucy, Nat 2019 Complete
Daily Lives Daily lives of heroes and kids from Class 1-A Keii, Ari, Meg, Zel, Amatia 2019 Complete
Heroes & Dragons Dungeons and Dragons Studio Zines (Maz) 2019
Powers & Peculiarities Regency Period Liz, Yu, Nenya 2019 Complete
Mighty Morphing Mutant Zine (3MZ) Mutants and morphs from the MHA universe Ky, Maz, Cookie, Niks 2019 Complete
BONDS Fatgum & his interns (Tamaki and Kirishima) Enzou, Blu, Suki, Cookie, Seiju, Raleigh 2019-2020
Ghibli Academia Studio Ghibli Mei-the-monster, Rosyabomination, Belmoroe, Spiderfif, Thecookiemonster77 2019 Complete
Dadzawa Aizawa being a dad Rin, Selwyn, Zel, Niki, Ree 2019 Complete
Paws Ultra! Animals Anchan, Blu, Seiju, Buttons, Fif, Zel 2019 Complete
Villain Deku Zine: Ikigai (V!D9) Villain!Deku AU Current mod team: the-button-harlequin, @lennylion 2018-2020
Into the Stars Zodiac Cookie, Mary, rosa, Ary 2019 Complete
Big Damn Heroes Future Nenya, Rosa, Annika 2019 Complete
Once Upon A Quirk Fairytales Initial mod team: Ari/Alice, Shoto, Red, morninwarri0r, Shinsou, Raven. The shipping/graphic design mod stepped down during the pre-orders period. [1] Complete, turned into a free PDF
The Hero's Mythos Gods and myths Initial mod team: Fif, Slepsy, Dom, Danie, Ary Ending mod team: Mag, Cookie, Jammy, Jelly, Thais, Mel, Bob] 2019 Complete
For Honor and Glory Fantasy Mods: ScheeleLillies, Lucy, Raven
Junior Mod: Once
2019 Zines never shipped
Alliance Marvel Comics crossover Bree--Onne, LordSparkleShorts, Nicky, Cynthia, Paigy 2019
Purrs Ultra Cat cafe DigitalPopsicle, Dovaldraws 2019 Complete
Versed in Quirky Poetry Poetry, seasons Naudia, Cherry, Lucy, Nate, Alex, HapSky 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Boku no Boys BNHA boys Mods: Lee, Gab, Forest
Mod Interns: Marumenkai, Skootle
2020 Leftover Sales Open
League of Heroes League of Legends Mods: Jinx, Rumble
Mod Interns: Ahri, Mic
2020 In Production
Help Wanted UA students working part-time jobs Autumn, Nichole 2020 In Production
Eccentricities Steampunk nekon, Cate, Mel, 1Estel1 (Mod Intern) 2020 Complete
Girl Power! Girls of BNHA Peachfemmes, Illuminatedweasel, Ghost-maya, I-write-wins-not-tragedies, Cmykae, Ohmytheon, Radiatetime, Greeniedoll 2020 Complete
ColdFlame Todoroki family Nissie, CK, Kelly 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Making a Hero Hero internships Kay, Bitty, Forest, Marina 2020 Leftover Sales Open
After Hours Student-free NSFW zine about heroes and villains in their downtime Top Mods: Niks, Prince, Dee
Mods: Tea, Buttons, Kenny
Mod Intern: Lyn
2020 In Production
Recovery Recovery Mari, Dave, Abel 2020 Complete
Timeless Characters in different time periods Nash, Lo, Cass, Meg 2020 In Production
Eri and Friends Kids activity book, interactions between Eri and her friends KSA Productions (Krypt, Sirius, Aivilo/Liv, Keeko) 2020 In Production
Behind the Scenes Zine Actor AU Lanni, Viki, Mari, Charlie, Kit 2020 In Production


Zine Title Details Moderators Year of Publication Status
Tailed Hero Zine Ojiro Mashirao Saturn, Acorn, Aida, Grim 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Of Fire and Fury Bakugou Katsuki Egg, Komi, Mike, MadiKat 2019-2020 Shipping
Cremation Dabi Golden Courier Zines (Jude, Cade) 2019 Complete, Contribs never compensated
Cats & Coffee Shinsou Hitoshi Golden Courier Zines (Jude, Cade) Cancelled
Acid Ashido Mina Initial mod team: Paigey, Asra, Gab, Faye, Allison, Daze, Kiro, May Ending Mod Team: Asra, Gab, deafmic, Kiro, Eterna 2019 Failed, turned to Free PDF
Cellophane Zine Sero Hanta Justalittlebitartsy
2019 In Production
All You Can Eat Tamaki Amajiki Mods: K, saradacchi, Lucy
Mod Interns: Spicer, Kiwi
2019 Complete, PDFs only
From the Ground Up Bakugou Katsuki, Character Growth Lockandk3yfiction. Mod Kiri was originally part of the project, but departed suddenly during the production period. 2019 Complete
Quiproquo Monoma Neito Organizers: Kaneira, Ryngi, Clays
Helping Staff: Atsukie, Kyuutan
2018-2020 In Production
Catfinated Shinsou Hitoshi, coffee, and cats. Includes new and old pieces from the contributors of the cancelled "Cats & Coffee" zine. 2020 Free PDF, Complete
The Art of Manliness Kirishima Eijirou Bluebird, Radiattime, Jay, Mitch, Nate, Nekon 2020 In Production
Hero Analysis: Deku Edition Izuku Midoriya Pro Hero Mods: Rachel, Lie, Cynthia, Nicolette, Paigyloli
Sidekick Mods: Mina, Snuf
2020 In Production
Decay Shigaraki Tomura Lannerz, Translucent Chick, Lorn, Lee, OddlyCompelled 2020 In Production
Antigravity Uraraka Ochako Colours, Lie, Anna, Fotzeo, Sam, Leor (Mod Intern) 2020 Waiting for Leftovers

Slash pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Akogare (zine) Bakugou/Midoriya Kat 2018 status
Stuck On U KamiSero mods 2019 status
Fan the Flames Dabi/Hawks mods 2019 status
You are My Sunshine Kirideku mods year status
Take My Hand KiriBaku mods 2018 status
Playing With Fire (Etsy) KiriBaku fantasy AU Spicy Carrot year status
DEKU for ALL on Etsy (Kickstarter) Multiple/Deku Paraíso Yaoi 2017 status
Black&Gold Erasermic 2018 Complete
Love Big and Loud Inakiri (Inasa Yoarashi/Kirishima Eijirou) Airy, Lex, Roni, Paigy, Paper 2019 Complete
Stuck On U KamiSero Squip, Niki, Cynthia, Saturn 2019
Boys! Boys! Boys! MxM ships Gummi, Raven, Eterna
Graphic Designer: @lochsfanzinestudio
Yukimi Kiribaku, holiday Maple, Sara, Kiro, Lee, Lucy 2020 Complete
Solstice Todobowl (Todoroki/Multiple) Kiro, Forest, Gab, Marina, Ukie, Kar 2020 In Production
Wanderlust Bakudeku fantasy AU Ari, Maj, Madin, Grim 2020 In Production
Seasons of Love Tododeku, seasons and holidays Mousai Creations (Nat, Angie, Voido) 2020 In Production
Elemental Todokami Cat, Ollie, Cherry, Lee 2020 In Production
Erasermic Monster Zine Erasermic Halloween Zine with NSFW and SFW versions mods 2020 Complete
New Year New Hope Free Katsuki Bakugou/Midoriya Izuku zine about childhood friends and New Years mods 2021 Complete

Femslash pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Vibrance Sapphic ships Argetcross and a friend who doesn't have Tumblr 2019 Complete
Pretty in Pink Ochamina Elliot, Gab 2019 Complete

Het pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Seasonal (zine) Bakugou Katsuki/Uraraka Ochako Kipio, Amajikies 2018 Complete
Worlds Tododeku Argetcross and a friend who doesn't have Tumblr 2018 Complete
Bubble Tea Midoriya Izuku/Uraraka Ochako, sweets 2019 Complete
Supernova NSFW Kacchako zine Isa, EmeraldWaves 2019 Complete
Ongaku no Kokoro Music-themed Kamijirou Isa, Em, Kelly 2019 Leftover Sales Open
Boundless Kacchako fantasy AU Isa, Lonnie 2019 In Production
Toshinko Wedding Zine Toshinko, wedding Sonya, K, Polyblank 2019 Complete

Poly pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Enough Love to Go Around Poly ships Link, Ama/Ace, Lena, Paigy 2019 Free PDF, Complete


Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Quirkplay Twitter Spicy Carrot 2018
Bed Riot R18, Kirishima-focused ClaireSail, G, Slumber 2018 Complete
Pound Zero NSFW, Bakugou-focused ClaireSail, G, Slumber 2019
Kekkon Marriage Jay, Ellie, Yaxi, Sherms, Sai, Fiama/Fif 2019 Complete
My Love, My Life Soulmates Ellie, Niki, Mix, Thais, Niks, Andrea 2019 Complete
Kokoro Multiship, different types of romantic love Mods: Lie, Rosie, Dev, Korin
Mod Interns: Cherry, Fitz