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Name: Aja, Aja Romano
Alias(es): vanityfair, bookshop, bnfshavemorefun, wayfairer, ningenfucker, topgallant, Darcy [1]
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Good Omens, Gilmore Girls, Jane Austen, Kevin Spacey, Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, Inception
URL: circa 2005 wayfairer LiveJournal;

circa 2009 Bookshop LiveJournal;

circa 2013 Bookshop LiveJournal page
notquiteroyal (fiction and essays)
Aja Romano (short professional and fannish bio)
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Aja is a blogger and previously primarily a fanfic writer, most notably in the Harry Potter fandom.

A short autobiography, date unknown:

Aja (pronounced "Asia") is a writer, reviewer, web content editor, and fangeek. She has freelanced as a theatre/film reviewer, editor, and writer for a decade, as well as working with web design and CMS development firms and projects.

As a blogger, Aja's personal interests are primarily centered around fandom, fanfiction, women in pop culture, and progressive politics. Her political posts have been featured on Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground, and her posts on YA literature and fandom have been featured on Jezebel, Boing-Boing, and Salon. Selected works of her fanfiction have been taught in university and high school courses on fandom and fan culture. She has been a guest blogger for a variety of websites, including The Mary Sue, Manga Bookshelf and the Organization for Transformative Works, and has been a panel guest and moderator alongside professional writers and acafen including Henry Jenkins and Holly Black.[2][3]

Her livejournal (as Bookshop) has been cited in Livejournal's 10-year-anniversary anthology as "an example of fandom at its best."[4]

She was formerly a member of the group of Harry Potter BNFs some fans collectively referred to as "The Inner Circle". In the Harry Potter fandom, she co-moderated the mailing list Armchair Slash and was a frequent participator in Veela Inc..

Her primary ship is Harry/Draco, though in recent years she has been more active in the Hikaru no Go (Hikago) fandom, where she ships Akira/Hikaru, and in the Inception fandom, where she ships Arthur/Eames.

As an H/D shipper, her notable contributions to fandom were the longstanding WIP Love Under Will[5] which was the base of the community Armchair Slash, a player in the RPG Nocturne Alley and creator of its fan community, NrAged, creator of The Eros Affair, an invite-only fic challenge that ran in 2005 and then opened for public contributions, and as co-mod of the original Big Bang challenge, Big Bang, Baby.

In 2011, Aja began writing for geek feminist website The Mary Sue about fandom and other areas of interest to fans. In 2012, she was hired to write for the Daily Dot as a "fandom reporter." Aja has professional experience as a journalist; however, her Daily Dot position drew more on her previous experience and writing about fandom than her previous professional work. Also in 2012, she began a column for Manga Bookshelf and was hired as a rotating columnist for AfterElton's new column on slash fandom, "The Shipping News." In April 2016, Aja co-founded a fandom marketing consulting company, Fanspeak Interactive.[6] In April 2016, she started to work for Vox as a culture reporter.[7]

Aja volunteered for the Organization for Transformative Works during the OTW 2011 Board Election wank and joined the Development & Membership committee. She quit in 2014, citing bullying by a Board member.[8] FFA gossiped about it here and discussed wider structural issues in the OTW that would lead to bullying.

List of Primary Fandoms

Other fandoms she has written fic or meta for include K-pop, J-pop, Bones, Death Note, Die Hard, Good Omens, Merlin, Nobuta wo Produce, Dresden Files, and SGA.

Other Involvement in Fandom

Being an active an vocal member of fandom, Aja participated and participates in many discussions and has at times been a contentious figure within fandom.

Aja was a moderator and BNF in the Kevin Spacey fandom in late 1998/early 1999.[9]

In July 2003, Aja made a friends-locked satirical post in diary format about her attempts to beat Ivy Blossom in gaining BNF status in Harry Potter fandom and befriending Cassandra Claire. According to Aja, that post was viewed by a third-party who hacked one of the filtered journals which had access to the locked account.[10] The post was then made public without Aja's consent, along with her real full name, which was attached to the post.[10][citation needed] Ivy Blossom interpreted parts of the clearly tongue-in-cheek post as a death threat, and announced plans to cancel her trip to fan convention Nimbus 2003, which was being held later that month.[11][12] Much discussion ensued.[13] This and other issues let to some infighting between members of The Inner Circle, a group of BNFs within Harry Potter fandom.[14]

In October 2003 Aja and Cassie Claire had a public falling out over numerous interpersonal tensions. According to Aja, they had already de-friended one another on LJ when they disagreed about whether Aja's story Twelfth Night was plagiarizing Cassie's story A Season in Hell.[10] Cassie accused her of passing around spoilers for future plot points of Claire's Draco Veritas.[15][16][17]

In April 2006, Aja announced that she was leaving Harry Potter fandom for the Prince of Tennis.[18] A few months later, Aja hosted an anon-meme, but later deleted it due to concerns that it had become too mean,[10] and also IP addresses of posters could be determined. Some people were unhappy and/or amused about it.[19][20]

In the wake of Strikethrough, Aja demonstrated her repudiation of Livejournal by burning a LJ t-shirt on video.[21] However, the t-shirt was robust, and therefore very difficult to ignite.[22] Many viewers were amused.[23][24][25] The original video is no longer on YouTube, but the remix edition (using Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love") is still viewable here. This is thought to be the first Video Flounce. See Burning a T-Shirt. Despite intentions not to post fic to LJ anymore, Aja returned a few months later under the pseudonym ningenfucker to post A Tithe To Hell saying she couldn't format it properly anywhere else.[26]

In July 2009, she accused another Hikaru no Go fan of plagiarism[27] but there was disagreement in fandom about the evidence and whether it supported the plagiarism claim.[28] The accused plagiarist deleted her livejournal and fic and never responded to the accusation.[10][citation needed]

In January 2010, Aja opined in a post which a nonny described as "flail[ing] and self-flagellat[ing]"[29] about feeling marginalized within slash fandom for appreciating female characters because "I feel like I can't legitimately talk about how much I love certain female characters, because [...], it's seen as just trying to politely include the women for the sake of political correctness." [30] but then a week later likened writing/valuing female characters to eating one's vegetables and thus creating the fandom phrase "eating your veggies".[31]

List of Conferences & Conventions (Presenting)

Aja has participated or moderated a number of convention panels and other appearances involving fandom: the current listing is available on her tumblr.

  • 2003: Nimbus 2003, moderated "Resolved: Can Draco Malfoy Be Redeemed?"
  • 2005: The Witching Hour (planned programming for the slash panel, did not attend)
  • 2007: Ikasucon, moderated "Slash, Yaoi, and You" panel/discussion.
  • 2007: Phoenix Rising, moderated "Shipping the Velvet: Slash Fandom, Convergence, and Why You Should Care About Harry Potter Mpreg" and Project Lève: new media, citizen journalism, and social change with Erica George.
  • 2010: Infinitus 2010, moderated "FTW or Made of Fail: Real Life Issues in Fiction"
  • 2012: Ascendio, moderated "Out of the Closet: Slash in the Third Wave" with Cat Tosenberger.
  • 2013: YALSA YA literature symposium, panelist on "Fandom and the Teen World"
  • 2014: DragonCon, panelist for "Future of Harry Potter" panel in the Young Adult track
  • 2014: Geekgirlcon, moderated '20th Century Boys' panel on modern slash culture and 'From Feels to Skills: Putting Fandom on your Resume'; panelist for 2 other panels on issues in slash and issues in geek media.

Fandom Reporter

Aja's professional career as a writer on fan issues has provoked many different reactions from fans, not all of them positive. Aja has frequently been a topic of discussion on anonymous community Fail-Fandomanon: a full run-down can be found at the FFA wiki.

In December 2012, she announced her intention to write an article on Hockey RPF fandom. This was not greeted with enthusiasm by fandom members, who objected both to the wider exposure and to Aja herself. For a full run-down of events see Hockey RPF and the Fourth Wall. The debate reopened in October 2013 when Aja pointed to an article published about hockey fic as an example of why fandom stories should be written by people in fandom.[32]

In February 2015, Aja published an article on notorious fandom member Andy Blake (aka Thanfiction, Amy Player, Victoria Bitter, Jordan Wood, etc.). Many fandom people found the article to be overly sympathetic to Blake, whose checkered past includes documented fraud and theft, as well as brainwash and abuse of other people. The article and the events that followed provoked a highly negative reaction from the individuals interviewed for the article, and fandom at large.[citation needed]

On 11 March 2015, Vulture.com published an article on fanfiction, It's a Fanmade World. The multipart article included A Fanfiction Syllabus: "Ten classics that cover the history, breadth, and depth of the form, with original custom-designed covers"; Aja Romano is credited as one of the consultants. Many fans criticized the list for being overwhelmingly white, male, and slash-focused. While it was acknowledged that Aja was not the author of the article and did not bear full responsibility for the lack of diversity, Aja's presence as a consultant on the article and as a prominent member of fandom (and reporter thereof) meant that she received a lot of attention following the publication of the article and was a focal point of the discussion that ensued. Aja responded to the criticism here[33] and here[34]

Fiction Writer

Example fanfic:



The Daily Dot: Some Essays/Meta

Aja began writing for The Daily Dot where her position there drew more on her previous experience and writing about fandom than her previous professional work.

Aja's byline at The Daily Dot includes all articles she wrote for the publication. Some sample articles about fandom written by Aja include:

Years In Review

Teen Wolf

General Slash

Basic Fan Primers

50 Shades of Grey/FanFic Going Pro





Interactions With TPTB/The Fourth Wall


Fandom Meta

See also


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