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Name: Lev Grossman
Also Known As:
Occupation: Novelist, Journalist
Medium: Novels, Magazine and newspaper articles
Works: The Magicians series
Official Website(s): http://levgrossman.com
Fan Website(s):
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Lev Grossman is an American novelist and journalist, best known for his urban fantasy trilogy The Magicians.

Writing about Fandom

This author tweeted in 2010 that he is unreservedly pro-fan-fiction, using the hashtag GabaldonFail to disparage another author anti stance.[1]

Grossman is best known in fandom circles, for his Time Magazine article, The Boy Who Lived Forever.

Lev wrote a foreward to Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World a book by Anne Jamison.


  1. Tweet by the author May 3 2010.