Darcy Lewis/Johnny Storm

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Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Johnny Storm
Darcy Lewis/Human Torch
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Thor Movieverse/Fantastic Four (mostly movieverse)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: fairly rare
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Darcy/Johnny is a het pairing of Darcy Lewis and Johnny Storm (Human Torch) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover with Fantastic Four (which is generally the 2005 movieverse[1])


Darcy and Johnny have never met in canon, and due to current copyright rules set between Fox & Disney, it's very unlikely they ever will. This of course doesn't stop Marvel fans pairing the two up. The pairing first starting showing up around 2012, with more Darcy/Johnny centered works were being posted to Archive of Our Own. A couple vids were posted to YouTube and a few fanworks were posted to Tumblr. However the pairing is still fairly rare overall, many of the Darcy/Johnny works are part of larger multiple one-shots series that have Darcy shipped with more pairings.

The Soulmate trope is the most popular with the pairing, along with first meetings and the build up from friendship to romantic relationship. Most of the works take place where the F4 is already established in the MCU and is joining or helping The Avengers like they do in the comicverse.

So far all the fanworks are focused on 2005 & 2007 Fantastic Four Movieverse, probably inspired by many works which focus on Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers look alike due to Chris Evans playing both characters and the popular Darcy/Steve pairing, which is sometimes an element in Darcy/Johnny centered work.



  • Here, Warm This Up For Me (This Heart of Mine Has Been Too Cold) by sarcastic_fina, Explicit, Insecure wasn't something Johnny often was. He was almost never unsure, rarely embarrassed, and struggles with women were just about nonexistent. But there was something about wanting to be with Darcy, wanting to stop chasing her and just have her, all the while knowing she was fighting it every step of the way, that made him feel all of those things in various degrees. (written for Darcy Lewis Crossover Week)
  • tattoos (reference jokes) are forever by amusewithaview, not rated, “My mark on you…is a tramp stamp,” Darcy said slowly, savoring the words. His smirk quickly became a scowl as the giggles started bubbling out of her because, that was freaking priceless! She just could not stop laughing, not even when he crowded her up against a wall and started - unbuttoning her shirt?! (Soulmates AU, UST)
  • Darcy's Delights by katiedid, Teen, Darcy's Delights was a little bakeshop in the corner of Avenger's Tower. Business was really booming, but that didn't leave much room for Darcy's personal life, or extreme lack thereof. It's a little embarrassing that she hasn't had a date or a kiss in two years. Good thing Darcy's Lightning Brother is owed a favor by the Norse Goddess of Love. Or Bad thing. Darcy isn't quite so sure. (Dubious consent, Darcy/Everyone, Bucky/Steve, Natasha/Sam, Pepper/Tony, Jane/Thor)



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  1. This is due to the fact that it was the only one everyone knew before the 2015 one, plus with the obvious same-actor crossover with Chris Evans playing both Johnny and Steve Rogers.