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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Miriam Heddy's Little Corner of the Universe
Author: Miriam Heddy
Dates: 1998 or before - 2015
Fandom: Batman Beyond, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (S/X), Criminal Minds, Crossing Jordan, Dresden Files, Due South, Harry Potter, House, Invisible Man, Xena: Warrior Princess (Joxer/Ares), Nero Wolfe, Numb3rs, Person of Interest, The Professionals, Regenesis, The Sentinel, Smallville, Sorority Boys, Sports Night, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars: TPM, Starsky & Hutch, Stargate: Atlantis, The X-Files; RPS: Nicholas Brendon/James Marsters
URL: http://miriam.heddy.home.comcast.net/~miriam.heddy/ (2015)
http://www.asan.com/users/pongo/ (1999, Wayback)
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Miriam Heddy's Little Corner of the Universe is an author page with slash fanfiction by Miriam Heddy.

The old version of the page also featured "Non-Fiction Criticism & Miscellaneous Natterings" (aka a few meta essays), including An Introduction to Slash (now offline), Pet Peeves & small dogs, Bodie's Bodies (An op-ed piece), A Short and Biased History of Joxer/Ares Fandom and a "Reviews and Recommendations" section for slashy canons.[1]

The site was listed as Miriam's Little Corner of the Universe in the Fan Fiction on the Net directory in 1998[2] and it was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[1]

Description from Anhedonia:

Paris/Kim, Jim/Blair, Joxer/Ares. I am fascinated by everything she writes. Beautiful, intelligent stories which stimulate the mind as well as the... ahem.[3]

Description from an earlier version of the Tom Paris Dorm: "Some great PK and CP"[4]

Description from Spirit's Heavens: "contains C/P and other fandoms"[5]


Fandoms are listed alphabetically here, rather than chronologically, because I'm a better speller than a historian. Within a section, stories are listed in the order they were written/posted (last being most recently written in that fandom). If you're curious as to when I wrote in which fandom (and there's significant overlap, you might consider the level of skill demonstrated in the writing. I have gotten considerably better with age and practice, and I leave up some of my earliest efforts in X-Files, DS9, Voyager, and my Joxer/Ares series alongside my latest work--which includes Buffy, Numb3rs and Harry Potter--both because my earliest writing efforts still bring me some pleasure (and therefore might do the same for others) and also because writers evolve over time, with feedback, and betas, and friends, and many, many revisions. I am still writing in some of the fandoms, but not all. I may well return at some point. I'm a bit of a butterfly. My current obsession is: Person of Interest, though my heart still beats fast for Spander.[6]


website in 1999
website in 2012


  • Borrowed Skin - Sometimes, it's all about what's on the outside. (Bruce/Terry)



  • Breaking - Xander was determined to break up with Spike this time. The problem was, he was just as determined not to.
  • Fairy Dust - "And did you see that?" Buffy waved her hands in the air. "What was up with that? Aren't they supposed to go 'poof'? It's not right to just change the rules mid-Slayer."
  • The Parallax Effect I - Spike's desire for a photograph spurs some rather fraught conversations about love, lust, mortality and ancient history (though in this part, you'll just find some fairly uncomplicated sex-talk as Spike discovers that he and Xander share a fantasy.) Written for spring_with_xan
  • The Parallax Effect II: The Shuttered Eye - Spike and Xander take nothing for Granta. Begins directly after The Parallax Effect. Warnings: Blatant geek references. No television shows were harmed in the making of this story. Written for [info]spring_with_xan
  • There is a Season - How many different ways can Spike say, "No!" to Xander? A series of vignettes, long and short, in search of a, "Yes." Written for fall_for_sx.

RPS: Nicholas Brendon/James Marsters


  • Misdirection - Reid talks about flowers. Gideon listens, finally.


  • Bound to the Mast - Becoming the man Lily wants may mean being the man Nigel needs. Bug/Lily. Bug/Nigel.
  • Diversion - Two men equal double the incapacity to communicate. Bug/Nigel.
  • Three Points Circumscribing Mourning - Bug leaned back against the opening to the hotel bathroom, by the sink, resting his hand on the jut of her hip, trying to make the gesture feel meaningful. (Bug/Roz/Nigel)
  • Coming Out From The Cold - "Unrequited. Yes," Nigel admitted, naming it at last. The pain was rather less like the sharp scalpel he'd imagined and more that of a seam-ripper reopening the badly healed-over suturing of his heart. Bug had often noted that he was remarkably unskilled at the closing of bodies, considering his other hobbies. And now, he found he wanted to curl over on the bed, but instead kept his back straight and stood tall. Pride goeth before a fall, and sometimes afterwards.
  • Human Error - Everyone makes them. Bug's are just taller than most.
  • Impulse - Bug contemplates the human heart.


  • On Burning - Bob rarely did this, of course. It was unethical and, worse, there were far too few opportunities, as Harry tended to sleep rather fitfully, tossing and turning and often waking several times before morning. But tonight, circumstances were ideal.


  • Shades of Ray - How do you know when to stop looking? Ray figures out the who, what, when, and where of his life, post-CotW.
  • Terminal Velocity - The terminal velocity of an adult jumping out of a plane is about 50 m/s (about 180 km/hour) although a specially equipped and trained skydiver can reach much higher speeds.


  • What Dire Offence - In which Harry learns how to teach and discovers, along the way, that it's not the size of the desk nor the length of the robe that defines the measure of the man. Post-War Harry/Snape.


  • Name That Tune - House played a run on the keys and the notes resolved themselves into something familiar that James couldn't place.


  • Typology - wherein Bobby Hobbes runs into an invisible wall and Darien Fawkes runs into an irresistible force.


(from Xena: WP and Hercules: TLJ)


  • Displacement - "I am not unmoveable but my flesh has a constitutional reluctance to sudden, violent or sustained displacement." (Nero/Archie)


(Charlie/Larry) Winner: Outstanding Slash Author 2006

  • Double-Act - Larry Fleinhardt looked out the window and decided that it was high time for a break. He rested his head on his hands, a part of his mind still working on the problem, but not a large part, as it was not a large problem. It was, like most problems, a small problem that seemed larger and more complicated the longer you looked at it. And he knew that, with sufficient distance from it, and a little nap, it would all come into focus and he'd figure it out. Or he wouldn't. And if he didn't.... well, the fate of the world hardly rested on whether one fifty-one year old physicist got laid.
  • Magnus Force - Golf, drugs, sex, and the blues. Still no incest, but quite a bit of sex and gratuitous vacuum cleaner lust.
  • Standard Deviation - It was an interesting thing, really, the peculiar habit Charlie had of appearing without an appointment or other previous arrangement, insisting on finagling a consultation with him on everything from the purely practical to the almost ethereally philosophical (though perhaps that range was more a matter of his response than of Charlie's provocation). Perhaps lost on Charlie was that most of these consultations seemed completely independent of whatever activity Larry himself was involved in at the time, after which moment Charlie would inevitably pop off, evincing no real interest in the life left, interrupted, in his wake.
  • On the Relative Significance of Bodily Proxemics: A Research Problem - The most obvious thing for Larry to do at this point would be to excuse himself, go get some more coffee or go to the bathroom, and Charlie would step back-he would have to or it might become awkward enough to require acknowledgment. But Larry had to at least suspect that, habits being fairly deeply ingrained, they could end up back in this same position again when he returned, so if Larry was smart-and that was inarguable-he would likely return only to offer Charlie the hot seat instead. And Larry would then perch on the edge of the desk. In which case, Charlie had a contingency plan.
  • Tempest - "Charlie, before this conversation proceeds any further, I have to say, now, just to be clear, and so there's no potential for misunderstanding between us on the subject--that I don't particularly care what your thesis advisee thinks of my math skills, or anything else, for that matter. I particularly don't care what she thinks of my theories, most of which lie outside her area of expertise, such as it is. So what I think of her, as you asked, is largely...irrelevant. I am capable of being professional, regardless." / "Wow--you really don't like her. I had no idea. How did I miss that?"
  • Making Out - His shirt was open all the way and Charlie kissed the freckles over Larry's collarbones and put his hands flat over Larry's chest, curling his fingertips over and pinning his shoulders in place. Larry sighed and relaxed against the back of the sofa, but his thighs tensed up under Charlie as he settled his full weight down on Larry's erection. / "Charles, are you sure your father's not about to come through that door?"
  • Dinner for Four - "What—you're telling me my son—what—my son is homosexual?" / "Gay. The word is gay nowadays." And leave it to Don to insist on precision and miss the point entirely.
  • Late Victorians - "Children are wormholes... Yeah, they're portals. Into the unreachable future and unattainable past. Now as things stand now they only exist in the theoretical realms." Larry waved a hand in the air as if dismissing his entire argument, and then, both hands were in the air, moving around as if Larry was conducting a small orchestra as he spoke. "Don't you think about the future, Charles? This house—it's outlived every one of its owners, every last one, as you would expect. But did they expect it? And I—I have to wonder, sometimes, if my legacy will be nothing more than this—" Larry fingered the film of sawdust coating his hands "—that somebody else revises, removes, strips, obscures, erases. Is it hubris to want more than that, do you think?"
  • Salting the Wound - "I'm just trying to understand," Charlie offered. Larry nodded. "Because for some reason, some part of this bothers you. So, what bothers you—that I, apparently, don't cry when you believe I should? Or that you do? Because I suspect those are two very different problems, if they are, indeed, problems, and I'm not entirely sure that they are."
  • On Diving - The fish's upturned white belly was precisely fish-belly white and, Larry decided, somewhat disturbing. He had already considered fishing it out of the pond—and wasn't that a strange expression? He'd never actually considered its origin before. And if he did get it out of the water, he hadn't come up with a good place to put it. After all, he could hardly bring it inside and flush it down the toilet. It was far too large. And it was too much like something he cared about to just throw away. And that was precisely the problem, wasn't it? What did you do with something like this? Someone else would notice it soon, he supposed, and then it would be out of his hands.
  • Dimensions (of which there are eleven) - 1. There came a point after which ignoring the attraction was simply impossible. And he'd tried—he certainly had at that. He considered it a sign of personal weakness, then, that he could no longer look at Charles at all without thinking about the line of his body entirely unencumbered by clothing.
  • Impending Armageddon - "Charles, perhaps it would be best to inform your father about the impending Armageddon." —Larry Fleinhardt to Charlie Eppes, "Dirty Bomb." / "Well, listen, Dad, whenever I have a girlfriend, I will let you know by putting a note on the refrigerator." –Charlie to Alan, "Vector."
  • Lachesis - "There's a story in this closet, Charles. No—" Larry held up a hand, "Anticipating, here, your objection that there's probably a story in most closets, which is certainly true. And I don't suppose mine to be particularly original."
  • Identity Theft - Charlie/Larry Amnesia fic, written for the Numb3rs ficathon "So you—you don't know who you are." / "Nope. Who am I?" he grinned, and for just a second, his brother, Don, smiled back. When he smiled, Don's eyes crinkled up at the sides, and he estimated he was several years older, maybe more. He was also, objectively speaking, taller and better looking than the guy in the mirror, with less nose and short, spiky dark hair. Charlie didn't hold it against him, though he wondered if he usually did.
  • Convertible - "So...tell me again why you're still encouraging me to date Amita?" Charlie set down the now empty beer on the rail, noticing it made a neat line beside the others, his and Larry's nearly indistinguishable but for the small amount Larry always left at the bottom of every bottle. / "Was I?" Larry looked down at the table, seeming to study it, though they had just finished the game and Charlie didn't think that either of them really wanted another. His own eyes were getting a little heavy from the beer, and his arm was starting to get loose and unpredictable. Larry, strangely enough, seemed relatively steady, though he was topping the puck.
  • Lucky Seven - All of which somehow led him back to the alien, because there was just something about the little guy—maybe the expression—that made him think of Larry, though to be honest, he'd probably been thinking of Larry anyway. It was a problem of defining events.
  • men(both little and small) - Alan was out getting things for dinner, and due back shortly, and Don was apparently taking a shower before dinner, and so he decided to at least open the conversation. After all, his own car would be in the driveway, facilitating a quick exit should things go badly (and he already assumed they probably would, and was resigned to another night alone, though he did wonder whether he should wait until after dinner to broach the subject and so ensure that he at least got to eat whatever Alan was cooking tonight. He really had been looking forward to dinner and good conversation, though putting it that way, his plan seemed rather self-serving.)
  • Talking Out of School - Protect the student. If there was a Hippocratic Oath for teachers, surely that was it. Protect them from others who would keep them from learning. Protect them from themselves and their immaturity, so that they can grow and learn. Protect them from your own baser instincts, which of course meant admitting that you had such things. He took this task very seriously--as seriously as he took anything, and more seriously than he took himself. It was, perhaps, the single most important thing he believed in aside from Charles. Now, he had to protect Amita from Charles. The only question was, how?
  • Terpsichore - When I sit, you sit. When I kneel, you kneel. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!
  • Quickening - Do not ask me why, because I can't justify this, even to myself, except to say, "LJ MPREG DAY." Go on... read it anyway. It's not what you expect (ahem).



  • Only Queers Kiss - A very short Pros story about what we dare not speak, and what we dare not feel
  • The Joy of Camping - Original Publication: Motet Opus 3 in B and D, Keynote Press, October 1999
  • Zeno's Paradox - Original Publication: Living Pros, Bovinity Press, 1999


  • Let's Not Talk About It And Say We Did - Over the years, David had observed that there were some conversations you just couldn't avoid. And somehow, Bob was responsible for nearly all of them. Written For: Yuletide 2006 (and with a gold star, no less!)


  • Addictions - My first Sentinel story. Follows the episode "Brother's Keeper." And yes, I guess I am a Jimbabe.
  • Writing Off His Clothes - What kind of pictures can we paint if we find the language we need? My tribute to the eroticism of the written word.
  • Laid Bare - Smooth as silk doesn't quite cover it.
  • The Sharper Edge - I'm pretty proud of this one. A little masochism (Blair's) and a little household-related sadism (also Blair's). And yes, the dustvac strikes again! Note to all dustvac manufacturers: Both The Sentinel and Miriam's Little Corner of the Universe are still looking for sponsors. Contact either UPN or me for further information. Jim's dustvac of choice could easily (terms negotiable) become a name-brand appliance.
  • Vocabulary - When actions aren't enough. Jim and Blair define the terms of their relationship.
  • Sestina - Co-written with Sentinel slash author Francesca. What happens when two feminists and academics sit down in a room and try to figure out what we hate about Maya, and why she's *still* worth thinking about. Besides, as we all know, nature abhores a vacuum.
  • Four A.M. - Blair gets off, Jim gets off, and they eat eggs for breakfast.
  • Intervention - To quote Thomas Hardy, this is "a series of seemings, or personal impressions, the question of their consistency or their discordance, of their permanence or transitoriness, being regarded as not of the first moment."
  • The Sentinel by James Ellison - Co-written with Sentinel slash author Francesca. Ok, this story is a sort of hommage to a famous science fiction author. If we tell you who it is, we'll ruin it. The answer is at the back of the story, for the curious. (g) Mild spoilers for TS by BS: in fact, the story is sort of our slant rhyme response to the ep. Enjoy. Feedback requested as always.
  • Dork - Co-written with Francesca. Blair gets in touch with his inner nebbish. Jim gets in touch with Blair's inner nebbish.
  • Men - An ode to male flesh.



  • Adina - A surprisingly serious story about gender-bending frat boys.


  • I Got Rhythm - This story is about demographics the way Sports Night is about sports.
  • Vaguely Gay - Almost turns out to be not nearly enough.
  • Shell Game - Sometimes words are more important than actions, which is not to say that actions aren't important....



  • Adrift - More Paris angst. Or is it Kim angst? Does the one ever really come without the other?


  • The Mona Lisa Smile - Qui-Gon Jinn is a very tall tree and Obi just might see how the view is from on top. Is Obi's constant grin the prelude to a joke or a grin of triumph?



  • Scene -- in the zine The Fix #20 (available from Idiot Triplets Press)
  • Act (sequel to Scene)-- in the zine The Fix #21 (available from Idiot Triplets Press)


Note: These are among my earliest attempts at writing slash, and as such, aren't nearly as good as my current work. But I leave these up to mark my development as a writer, and because they hold for me a certain nostalgia, and because I still do love Mulder and Krycek and their very dysfunctional romance.

  • Delayed Gratification (M/K) - My first attempt at slash. Since writing this, I've learned a lot about POV (and many other things as well <g>). I've thought of revising this and may yet decide to do it, but for now I think it stands pretty well, so I'm leaving it. As the title suggests, don't expect the good bits to be revealed right away.
  • Training (M/K) - Mild pun warning on this one. Another early story while I was still getting my writing-legs. To those who've asked...Yes, I will write another M/K one of these days. And thanks for the encouragement!
  • M/K Short Short Story Challenge Entry: 500 Words Are Not Enough - My answer to the M/K list challenge to write a 500 word short, short story. Sort of a prose poem resulted, and I continue to be proud of this early effort.
  • The Nekkid Round Robin (M/K) - A round robin is a story passed from one writer to another, with each writer adding some words. A "Nekkid" round robin is, well, you'll have to read it yourself. I can't seem to find a copy of this, so if you've got it, could you email me so I could link to it here?


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